Ying B.Career switcher with a varied professional past

Rejected from Booth
  • Challenge: Ying had applied in 2 prior rounds and in the most recent round, received 2 interviews out of the 5 schools she applied to but no offers. She had 3 years of work experience across 2 different industries and functions and had not truly identified why she wanted to go back to b- school (applied with a goal of consulting for the first 2 application cycles).
  • Action: Stratus worked with Ying to identify her true passion and reason for going to business school. Through the introspection, she realized that she wanted to do strategic planning or finance within entertainment. She was able to tie learning English as an immigrant to the US via TV to her love of entertainment and wanting to be a part of helping others.
  • Result: Ying received offers to NYU and UCLA (with a full ride through a Forte Fellowship).





Undergrad :

Large State University

Activities :

Not significant post-undergrad, but strong in undergrad


Immigrated from China to the US when she was young and knew no English when she moved here. Father was a professor at a university. Grew up in the Southeast.


Our client had 3 years of work experience in 2 very different industries: healthcare consulting and financial sales (1-1/2 at each). Because of the short tenure in each position, she did not have any promotions.

In her prior applications, she had stated that consulting was her post-MBA goal, but was not passionate about this path. Though our discussions, she identified entering the entertainment industry as her post-MBA goal.


Admitted to NYU and UCLA with a Full Forte Fellowship (scholarship).


Through her introspection process, she spent time thinking about what she was truly passionate about. Then we dug in to figure out where that passion stemmed from and uncovered that she learned English.