Steve W.Applicant w/ Very Low UGPA and Decent LSAT Score.

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Our client had a decent LSAT score but a very low UGPA. He contacted us because knew that strategy would be very important if he wanted to avoid settling for very low ranked law schools.





Undergrad :

State University (ranked ~100)

Activities :

Very involved in business and entrepreneurial clubs


Fairly traditional American upbringing in the Northeast.  No significant personal challenges or extraordinary family circumstances.


Our client – aware of his extremely low GPA – got in touch in order to get help on his personal statement, wanting to avoid settling for very low ranked law schools.


Admitted to Cardozo (full ride), University of Miami, Seton Hall (w/ scholarship), Rutgers (w/ scholarship), waitlisted at Boston University and Fordham (withdrew the applications before getting a final answer)


We wanted to shift the focus from the applicant’s poor GPA. Instead, we focused his personal statement on the fact that he started an award-winning company while still in school, a unique achievement among law school applicants. We highlighted the applicant’s leadership and ambition skills, and discussed how his experience would be beneficial both in law school and moving forward as an intellectual property attorney. Finally, in an addendum we discussed his low GPA, urging the admission committees to give greater weight to his high LSAT score and extracurricular activities. The approach paid out when several “reach” schools admitted him, some offering him a full scholarship!