Brian S.Post-Graduate Applicant w/Only Service Industry Experience

Closeup headshot of young handsome European Caucasian male isolated on grey background casting interested and bit cunning look to viewer, confident with his lifestyle and leisure time, smiling

Our client graduated college several years earlier but had worked primarily in the service industry to support his growing family. He was limited geographically as to where he could apply and needed merit based funding.





Undergrad :

DePaul University

Activities :

Writing and some political activism


Underage consumption citation with gap in undergraduate education.


Along with some minor legal hurdles and a period of poor undergraduate performance, our client’s work experience was mostly in bars.


Admitted to University of Minnesota, Indiana University Bloomington (Mauer), Ohio State University (Moritz), University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois (all with substantial scholarship funding).


We decided to develop his Personal Statement around how his circuitous journey ultimately confirmed his passion for law. Despite his extensive experience in the service industry, we highlighted how these experiences provided a window into the importance not only of employment law but advocacy in general. We were also brief but thorough in his addenda. Finally, we arrived at a strategy to emphasize his personal growth by having him write about his children and his faith in his Diversity Statement. Despite his lack of formal legal experience, our client was able to illustrate a clear basis for his commitment to the legal profession.