LSAT Curriculum

World-Class, Proprietary Curriculum

The industry-leading Stratus Prep LSAT course covers every question and puzzle type on the exam. During class, students work through our proprietary Coursebook; after each class, they complete our proprietary Workbook. The proven effectiveness of our curriculum has made it the #1 LSAT prep curriculum among Harvard undergraduates.


Mass-market courses are for mass-market students — the 70% of the population that will score between 140 and 160. They cover the basics and fundamentals to some degree, and the techniques they teach are often simplified, “dumbed-down” methods that might be appropriate to the needs of some student scoring 140 and trying desperately to get to a 150.

In contrast, the proprietary Stratus Prep LSAT class is designed to ensure that you reach your maximum potential on this all-important exam. The techniques you will learn at Stratus Prep are distinct from any you will find in another course or book and have been developed over years of serving demanding and high-performing students from the nation’s top universities, corporations, and non-profit organizations. We routinely take students from the 140s to the 160s and from the 150s to the 170s — increases nearly unheard of in mass-market courses.


LSAT Lessons


PreTest | Real LSAT Diagnostic

The PreTest is a REAL LSAT that we use to gauge your individual strengths and weaknesses so we can tailor a personalized plan for your preparation. As you go through your training, you will see how questions and problems that were confusing, challenging, or too time-consuming on the PreTest suddenly make sense.

Lesson 1 | LSAT Overview & LSAT Logic I

In Lesson 1, you will learn why the LSAT is different from other exams, the radically different modes of thought & the major test-taking strategies you will need to score higher. And, in the Logic Lesson, you’ll see the logical Formulas you will need to translate “Rules” in the Puzzles section and to answer “Inference” Questions in Arguments.

Lesson 2 | Arguments I & LSAT Logic II

Lesson 2 covers the Formulas you will need to analyze LSAT Arguments — showing you how to answer “Conclusion,” “Assumption,” and “Flaw” Questions, and laying the groundwork for answering other question types in later Lessons. The Logic Lesson will cover advanced Formulas and Rule Translation in context.

Lesson 3 | Puzzles I & Passages I

In Lesson 3, we will give you a proven, powerful, and efficient step-by-step process for setting up and solving any LSAT Puzzle, and unique methods for attacking the three different Question Types. In the “Passages” part of the Lesson, you’ll see why LSAT Passages are NOT “Reading Comprehension” — and what they are instead. And you will learn a whole new way of reading specifically designed for answering LSAT Passages Questions.

Lesson 4 | Puzzles II & Arguments II

In Lesson 4, we will give you pre-fabricated picture setups for the three most commonly-tested “families” of Puzzles: “Ordering,” “Sorting,” and “Matching” Puzzles. In the Arguments section, you will learn the Formulas for five more major question types — “Strengthen” & “Weaken,” “Principle,” “Explanation,” and “Reconciliation” Questions – and how to recognize and avoid the trap answers, or “Distractors.”

Midterm | Real LSAT

The MidTerm is another REAL LSAT that allows you to try out your new techniques and strategies in a full-length exam. After you take the exam, it will be reviewed live by your professor. This detailed analysis will include the categories of “Distractors,” or trap answer types, that you fell for – so you can learn from your mistakes and avoid them on the Real LSAT.

Lesson 5 | Arguments III & Passages III

Lesson 5 covers the Formulas and tactics for the three most common Passages Question Types — “Primary P.,” “Inference,” and “Detail” Questions — and picture setups for the remaining minor Puzzles types. You will also see how to get more points in less time in both Puzzles and Passages and learn our own intelligent-guessing techniques that will get you points even when you do not have time to finish!

Lesson 6 | Arguments III & Passages III (continued)

In Lesson 6 you will polish off the remaining 8 Arguments Question Types, as well as the Arguments’ timing-and-pacing strategies. In the Passages section, you’ll cover the remaining Question Types and the Formulas for Passage structures and “Distractor,” or trap-answer categories.

Final | Real LSAT

The Final is a full-length exam, complete with an “experimental” section and Writing Sample, to build your stamina, and allow for discovering areas for final point-building changes in tactics and strategy.

Lesson 7| Writing Sample & Exam Day Preview

Lesson 7 covers the Writing Sample, and walks you through the entire exam day experience, so you will know what to expect. You will also have your final review of the entire course, with reminders of all the most important strategies and tactics, and a chance to ask last-minute questions. Don’t forget, though — we also give you up to 60 more REAL LSAT practice & review sessions – each with a live Instructor Q+A session. Nobody else gives you this much total class time – or even comes close!