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How to Get into NYU Stern School of Business

NYU Stern School of Business seeks students who best exemplify Stern’s core value: IQ+EQ. Stern’s admissions committee prefers candidates who demonstrate strong intellectual ability, superior interpersonal skills, and a desire to create value for business and society. What is IQ + EQ? Your intelligence quotient (IQ) is a score derived from your GMAT or GRE designed… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: NYU Stern – An Embarrassment of Choices

Many of us were applauding when earlier this year, NYU Stern unveiled two new one-year MBAs in Tech and Fashion & Luxury. With a tight focus on a single industry, and a duration of only one-year, Stern is bringing to the business school world a product that will serve many students well by being lower… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: NYC, Fashion, and One-Year MBAs

NYU Stern recently announced two new one-year MBA programs with one focused on Technology and the other on Fashion & Luxury. Both programs are May to May programs with the first cohort starting in 2018 with applications due this fall. The addition of these programs are unsurprising, given NYU’s integration with Silicon Alley (the name given to… View Article

New York Business Journal: 5 MBA Application Strategies for Columbia and Stern

How To Get Into Columbia Business School Learn How   by Jeff Thomas, Stratus Admissions Counseling CEO New York City is home to two of the nation’s top 20 MBA programs, Columbia Business School (CBS) and the New York University Stern School of Business (Stern). CBS and Stern have low admit rates, 17 percent and 23 percent, and average GMAT scores of 717… View Article