Student Success Stories

Getting into Business School

My counselor at Stratus was the first and only person to believe that I could go to a top 10 or 5 program.

Samantha: My Story


My journey, not unlike many others you’ve heard before, has not been easy, but **spoiler alert**, I made it through in one piece. Let’s re-wind 3 years. This is when I started thinking that business school might be the right option for me. A friend of mine who had been through the process before suggested I speak to some consultants about my candidacy. I contacted about 10 companies for a 1/1 evaluation. What every person told me was that I had no business applying to any school in the top 10. I would be a hopeful admit at schools ranked 10-20, only if I hit the GMAT out of the park. However, I then met with a counselor at Stratus and he was the first and only person to believe that I could go to a top 10 or 5 program. He had a positive outlook and genuinely believed that I could get to where I wanted to go. I signed up with Stratus and from that point on his team started to help me shape my profile. From extra curriculars, volunteer work, extra classes, the GMAT, and even talking through opportunities at work—his team helped me build a very strong profile.

Now, I’ll take pause on the GMAT for a moment. This exam was grueling for me but 9 months and 3 attempts later, I finally broke a 700. If you are someone who is struggling with this exam, do not lose hope. Stay positive and focused. Good things will happen.

This past spring when I finally felt ready to start the admissions process, I started working with my primary counselor. From the moment we started working together to the day I got in, she has made the process painless for me. She helped me think through my story well before applications even opened so that when the questions became available, we could hit the ground running.

Once we started, she worked with me to outline my essays in a logical way and then we proceeded to run through 8 to 10 drafts. Although my counselor provided incredible feedback, she made sure that I owned the process and anything I wrote was genuine. She helped me pull out my best qualities and paint them on the page. Honestly, I felt that the essays were very much a representation of who I am. Once the essays were done, she even helped me update my resume and proof read the application paperwork.

Once the app was in, we patiently waited for an interview invite! Next thing I knew, I had been invited. Of course, I immediately told my counselor and she proceeded to spend 3-4 hours on the phone with me conducting mock interviews, helping me brain storm answers to questions, and helping to calm my nerves. After the interview, I reached out to her in a panic letting her know it was awful. She reminded me to stay calm and have patience—everyone has a different interview style. 2 weeks later I got the call. I will be attending a top 5 program!

I would not have made it out of the other side without everyone at Stratus. If anyone is considering a consultant, they truly are the best!

All last names have been withheld and images have been substituted to protect the privacy of our students. References for all students are available upon request.