Team Approach

Features a team of grad-school admissions experts on your side throughout the entire process.

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How the Team Concept Works

Your Stratus team consists of 3 members plus you.

Each team member has expertise in a specific area. Your primary counselor is a graduate of a top-14 grad school and has at least two years of admissions counseling experience, and your senior strategist is a graduate of a top-6 grad school and has a minimum of five years of admissions counseling experience.


Your Primary Counselor is matched with you based on your profile, work style, timeline and professional goals. He or she provides you with expert guidance throughout the entire grad school admissions process, working side-by-side with you throughout the pre-application, application and post-application stages.


Once you and your Primary Counselor have completed outlines of your Statement of Purpose and other required essays, the outlines are sent to your Senior Strategist for review. After your Senior Strategist provides feedback on these outlines, you work with your Primary Counselor to draft these essays. Once these essays have undergone several rounds of revision, your Senior Strategist reviews polished versions of these essays and provides high-level feedback. At this stage, your Senior Strategist simulates an admissions committee and provides feedback from that perspective. This feedback is then delivered to you and your Primary Counselor to be incorporated into the final drafts of your essays.


Your Client Relationship Manager is your personal touchpoint throughout the process. Any questions you have along the way about the process or your service can be taken care of by your manager. We know how difficult the application process can be, which is why we’ve devoted a sole team member to ensuring your logistic and service needs are met!