Larry Roshfeld, Admissions Counselor

Larry Roshfeld

Academic Background

Clark University, BA
Harvard University, M.Ed.

Area of Expertise

Entrepreneurship, technology, cybersecurity, healthcare, analytics, communications, management, leadership, interpersonal dynamics and organizational development.

Work Experience

Larry received his BA in chemistry with minors in psychology, philosophy and German literature from Clark University. He did his graduate work at Harvard University in Counseling and Consulting Psychology. Larry is currently a senior executive in the technology industry, experienced in growing both early-stage and public companies.

Larry began his professional career at Lotus Development, an early leader in the business software industry. After a series of key business and technical roles, he was promoted to General Manager of Lotus’ Applications business group. Upon IBM’s acquisition of Lotus, Larry served as General Manager of IBM’s Internet Applications Division. Larry was subsequently recruited as COO or CEO into a number of pioneering software startup companies, including Riverbed Technologies, Approva, CorasWorks, Sonatype, Lumeon and Lenvio. Larry serves as a mentor and business consultant to entrepreneurs and startup companies across the United States.

Larry is a platelet donor for the Red Cross and an active volunteer for breast cancer and suicide prevention projects. For their ongoing work with wounded service members and their families at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Larry’s volunteer group received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Silver) from the White House Council on Service and Civic Participation in 2008 and 2009, and was selected as Volunteer Group of the Year by the Fisher Foundation in 2016. Larry was selected as a Fisher House Angel by the Fisher Foundation in 2015.

What I like most about being a Stratus Graduate Admissions Counselor:

Working together with each one of my clients to understand their unique history and their goals for their future, and then building on that journey of self-discovery to help them achieve short and long term success.

One piece of advice I’d share with someone who’s applying to graduate school:
Make sure your goals are your own, not someone else’s goals for you. With so many academic programs available, the best path for you may not necessarily be the obvious or commonly followed one.

Highlight or greatest accomplishment while working with clients:

Clients often come to me comparing themselves negatively to what they feel would be an ideal candidate; someone with perfect test scores, perfect grades and perfect extracurricular activities. My greatest joy is in helping them understand and leverage what they perceive as their imperfections. Did their grades suffer because they had to work two jobs to put themselves through college? Were their test scores less than perfect because they struggled to overcome learning disabilities? Were they too busy overcoming other adversities to be able to dedicate time to extracurricular activities? The answers to these questions often holds the secret to their success in admissions, graduate school and beyond.

3 Thoughts on Becoming Successful:

  • “Listening” is not the same as “Waiting for your turn to speak.” Learn to truly listen.
  • Every experience in life, every interaction, contains a lesson. Learn to look for the lesson. Then learn to look even deeper for the real lesson.
  • If it was easy to be successful, everyone would be. It’s not easy, and sometimes it just sucks. Learn to embrace the “suck.”