Jeff Mroz, Admissions Counselor

Jeff Mroz

Academic Background

Yale University, BA
The Wharton School, MBA

Area of Expertise


Work Experience

Jeff earned his BA in American Studies at Yale.

Jeff worked as an associate at VO2 Partners, a private equity firm focused on health and wellness companies, where he evaluated investment, acquisition, and merger opportunities.

Prior to his career in private equity, Jeff worked for the Wharton Business School Admissions Committee as a student and after graduation, where he gained unique insights into the application process.

A little more in-depth

What I like most about being a Stratus MBA Admissions Counselor:

Working with highly motivated people and helping their pursuit of accomplishing goals. An MBA can be a life-changing experience and requires the right approach for each school. I love blending my experience with the passion of the applicants to make this happen.

3 Random Facts:

  • I’ve bungee jumped from the second highest location in the world (South Africa). And yes, I was scared!
  • My job in high school was with the Department of Transportation where I paved roads, filled potholes, and manned the STOP/SLOW sign.
  • I played professional football.