David Dreytser, Admissions Counselor

David Dreytser

Academic Background

University of Minnesota Twin Cities, BA
University of Chicago Booth School of Business, MBA

Area of Expertise

Financial analytics, risk management, coaching, client management, strategic planning, and executive presentations.

Work Experience

After studying chemical engineering/chemistry with a minor in management to earn his BA, David spent five years at Quantitative Risk Management (QRM) as a risk management consultant. He later worked as a client relationship manager advising global financial institutions on quantifying and mitigating their risks.

After his MBA, David joined Discover Financial Services and worked in a variety of financial analytics and strategic planning roles across the Personal Loan, Student Loan, Corporate Development and most recently the Discover it Card Acquisition groups. David has focused on coaching and development throughout his career, from mentoring new hires at QRM to creating an onboarding program for new finance employees at Discover.

A little more in-depth

I love working with talented and accomplished candidates to bring out their stories and passions and to give them the confidence to apply to world’s top business schools with great results.

One piece of advice I would share with someone who is applying to business school:

I would encourage them to imagine themselves four years from now and think about how business school can help them achieve their goals and to make sure that their thesis makes sense to them and is easy to explain to others. Once that’s done, the application process can be a lot easier.

Highlight or greatest accomplishment while working with Stratus:

I was thrilled to learn that a client, originally hesitant about his/her chances, was accepted at a top ten business school with a sizeable scholarship.

3 Random Facts:

  • I am the father of five amazing kids who teach me about patience and humility every day.
  • I am passionate about family travel – my one-year-old has already been to 17 states and four countries. Ask me how you can travel the world for free, or close to it!
  • I was born in Russia and grew up in Minnesota. When people complain about Chicago winter weather, I tell them that Chicago is the hottest place I have ever lived!