MBA Pricing & Packages

Comprehensive Counseling Packages

At Stratus Admissions, our “We’re All In” approach means that every counselor at Stratus is encouraged to leverage the collective experience of our team to push you to prepare the best applications that you can.

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Hourly Admissions Counseling

Choose to work on any task relating to your MBA application, including school selection, outline/essay review, resume review, short-answer review, recommender strategy, and interview preparation.

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MBA Ding Analysis Package

Most business schools do not provide insight on why they did not offer you admission. If you did not get in this year, a Stratus MBA Admissions Counselor will review your entire application (academic transcript, test scores, resume, essays, short answer questions, and recommendation letters, if available) and provide written feedback to highlight actionable areas of opportunity.

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MBA Early Edge

Our MBA Early Edge Package is designed for candidates who are not applying to business school in the current admissions cycle. Counselors will work closely with the applicant to identify ways to strengthen their profile (academics and quantitative readiness, work experience, leadership opportunities, community involvement, recommender relationships, global exposure).

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Wharton Team Based Discussion

The best preparation for a challenge is a simulation. Participate in a live session facilitated by one of our Wharton counselors to simulate the discussion that you will encounter at Wharton. Includes a guide to the Wharton team-based discussion, a one-hour simulation, and a 1:1 feedback session (30 minutes) with the counselor that conducts your session.

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Interview Prep

Stratus Admissions’ Interview Prep Package includes a school interview guide, preparation with a counselor (45 minutes), a mock interview (45 minutes), and a 1:1 feedback session (30 minutes) with your dedicated Stratus Counselor.

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