New York Business Journal: How to Navigate the Columbia Business School MBA Application

How To Get Into Columbia

Business School

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by Jeff Thomas, Stratus Admissions Counseling CEO

Columbia Business School (CBS) describes itself as the only top Ivy League business school immersed in the global business hub that is New York City.

When applying to CBS, understanding the following nuances will help you prepare an impactful application.

1. Timing

CBS has rolling admissions, and understanding how this process works may strengthen your chances of acceptance. If CBS is your first choice, apply Early Decision (ED). CBS ED is binding, meaning you are obligated to withdraw all other applications if you are admitted.

If you are applying for either Early Decision (ED) or to begin in January 2018 (J-term), your application is due October 4. You will likely have a final decision in four to six weeks.

If CBS isn’t your clear first choice, apply rolling admissions. CBS reviews non-ED applications in the order they are received, so the sooner you submit the better. This will place you at the front of the line when applicants are invited to interview. At the same time, quality is key, so don’t rush your application and compromise its effect on your candidacy. Read More

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