MBAnalysis Blog: Valentine’s Day Special – Best MBA Programs for Finding a Life Partner

As Valentine’s Day bears down upon us, this is not a bad time to look at business school through a different lens, like which school you might want to attend if you’re looking for a life partner. Not exactly something the US News or Financial Times consider when they make their rankings, but in the spirit of Create Your Own Top Ten MBA Rankings,¬†here are a few suggestions if finding the one-and-only is at the top of your list.

1. Secluded:

Some schools are so remote and cloistered that just about the only thing to do is fall in love. Tuck and Cornell Johnson are the perfect examples: cold days, long nights, near nothing — what else could a searching-for-a-partner need?

2. Location, location, location:

Located in the city of romance, HEC in Paris, Tulane in New Orleans, benefit from a romantic vibe 24/7. Even for busy, business school students, love is in the air.

3. Keeping the faith:

Notre Dame, Brigham Young, Brandeis – not everyone needs to be religious to benefit from an ethos of marriage. One of these could be just the place to find your soul mate.

4. Too big to fail:

At Michigan Ross and Texas McCombs, the schools are so big, your life-partner has to be somewhere; though you may have to sift through the ~50,000 or so on campus to find them.

5. It’s happened before:

Any MBA alumni newsletter is littered with photos of classmates marrying one another, often surrounded by classmates and holding a school banner. When I was at MIT, some 3 or 4 my class “mates” married each other – even geeks need love. And, Stratus’ own Susan Cera met her now husband at Duke Fuqua during orientation; talk about timing.

We can’t guarantee that you will find your one-and-only in business school. If you already have your life partner, perhaps they want to go to business school too. While our research is more anecdotal, it seems like our clients who apply as pairs have a higher admit rates than those applying on their own. And, if your partner is already at the school, that fact will bolster your chances of acceptance. So, instead of looking for your true love at business school, instead find your true love and then apply to business school as a team. After all, so many business schools value teamwork!

If it seems like cupid is not flying around your campus, don’t worry; there is always your summer job.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.