MBAnalysis Blog: NYU Stern – An Embarrassment of Choices

Many of us were applauding when earlier this year, NYU Stern unveiled two new one-year MBAs in Tech and Fashion & Luxury. With a tight focus on a single industry, and a duration of only one-year, Stern is bringing to the business school world a product that will serve many students well by being lower cost and with a shorter duration.

In particular, the Fashion & Luxury MBA is very exciting being the first of its kind, focused on an industry that is overlooked by many top MBA programs. These innovative one year offerings were developed in conjunction with industry leaders and include robust experiential learning through the duration of the programs. They are great examples of forward thinking nature of the leadership at NYU Stern and their ability to react to market demands with respect to business education.

The addition of these two programs increases NYU Stern’s stable to four distinct graduate business programs, including its part-time MBA and full-time MBA. And there is one more option as the part-time program is offered in both Manhattan and Westchester. With so many different programs, it is hard to choose which one is right for you.

Thankfully, you no longer have to, as you can apply to ALL of the programs in a single application. As Associate Dean, Isser Gallogly, explained in a recent email, “Now, MBA applicants can be considered for multiple MBA programs at the same time using a single application. Candidates will select a primary program – Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA, Tech MBA or Fashion & Luxury MBA. Candidates may also select alternate programs from this list that are also of interest.”

Phew! The idea of applying to four separate programs simultaneously is daunting for any applicant let alone someone who may be applying at other schools as well. For many, the most important choice to make is full-time versus part-time, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Beyond that, one could imagine the average candidate applying to both the full-time MBA and either the Tech MBA or the Fashion & Luxury MBA. Tech and Fashion & Luxury are so highly focused, it is unlikely that they will be appealing to the same person. Unless of course, someone is interested in the technology of fashion but then maybe they will be better served by the traditional, two-year MBA program.

If you are considering multiple NYU Stern programs the ability to complete only one application is great news, but no matter what it is nice to have choices. And NYU Stern offers plenty of them.