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MBAnalysis Blog: Part of a Family Business? An MBA is Right for You! (Part 1)

An estimated 80% of all businesses are considered to be family businesses to some degree. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of business schools have one or more courses focused on the unique challenges of running a business that means a whole lot more to you than making money. If you are already working in a family… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: A Roaring Business School Coming Out of Some Roaring Economies

Despite having some of the fastest growing economies in the world, Asia has never produced the world class business school one would expect. According to the Financial Times, the top business schools in Asia are CEIBS, moving all the way up to # 8 this year, HKUST at #14, and the National University of Singapore… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Entrepreneurial Cities

There was a great article in The New York Times about Midwestern cities that are growing entrepreneurial communities. Describing them as “Comeback Cities,” it highlighted Detroit, MI; Youngstown and Akron, OH; South Bend, IN; and Flint, MI as hotbeds for start-ups. This comes in parallel to a lot of talk about “Silicon Prairie” that touts… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: But THEY Got In!

One of the most frustrating parts of the MBA application process is when applicants who are “just like” you get in, but you don’t. Nothing leads to more second-guessing and self-questioning than when the person sitting next you in the office, gets accepted, while you keep on getting “thank you for your efforts, we have… View Article

8 Tips for Chinese Female MBA Applicants

There are more women from China in the MBA pipeline than from anywhere else in the world. In 2017, the Graduate Management Admissions Council reported that 46,274 women in China took the GMAT, representing a whopping 67% of all Chinese GMAT testers. Additionally, the mean GMAT score sent to MBA programs from all Chinese test… View Article

Finance to MBA: 5 Valuation Tips

Finance is one of the largest industries that business schools draw from. And I mean “finance” in the broadest possible terms, including corporate finance, investment banking, private equity, asset management, and others. MBA admissions committees like candidates with experience in finance. The flip side is that competition for a place at top MBA programs is… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: What Does a “Best Effort” Application Look Like?

We are frequently asked what it takes to get into one of the top programs. Of course, you need a strong GPA, GMAT, work experience, essays, etc. But it also needs your best effort, meaning that you have done all that you need to create a killer MBA application. In real terms, this means the… View Article

CPA to MBA: Conduct a Pre-Business School Audit

Every year, thousands of young accounting and audit professionals apply to top MBA programs. Having a CPA or having been promoted multiple times after successful client engagements is not sufficient to secure a seat in a top program. Here are 8 areas for assessment and potential repositioning as you prepare to apply to business school…. View Article

Poets & Quants: MBA Interest in Entrepreneurship Hits Low

by Gregory Yang Entrepreneurship has reached its lowest level of interest among MBAs in eight years. Financial Times reports that up only 16% of students surveyed had started a business within three years of graduating. In 2015, 22% of surveyed students had started a business. Among schools surveyed by Financial Times, the Olin Graduate School… View Article