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MBAnalysis Blog: MBA Choices – Changing Horses Midstream

Over the last few weeks, a number of Stratus clients have “changed horses midstream” so to speak in that rather than attending a full-time MBA program, they have recalibrated to go to business school part-time, or identified a different academic program – like a Masters in Finance, operations, or data analytics — that would enable… View Article

Resources for Hispanic / Latino Candidates Applying to MBA Programs

Hispanics and Latinos make up the largest ethnic or racial minority in the U.S. at about 17% of the US population, but they hold only about 4% of senior executive leadership positions in corporate America. To begin to change this trend, we need to increase the pipeline and increase the awareness in the Latino community… View Article

How to Successfully Transition to a Career in Sustainability

While roles in sustainability are competitive, the good news is that the numbers of positions are growing and there is no longer one career path. An MBA can be a valuable tool that will help you transition to this path or build on relevant experiences you may already have. Seven years after my MBA, I’m… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Mixing Babies and B-School: Can You Do It? (Spoiler: You Can!) 2/2

Part II: Doing Babies and b-school can mix. I had a great experience as an MBA mom, but it required some trials and re-calibration to make it work. I know mamas who initially left their babies behind at the advice of others; a mentality that B-school isn’t for babies. Others find they have competing requirements… View Article

Tips for LGBTQ Candidates Applying for MBA Programs

Historically, the LGBTQ community has been under-represented in MBA programs, but that has begun to change as members have made their presence felt on campuses across the country. An average of 3.43% of MBA students are considered to be openly LGBTQ at the 28 schools whose clubs self-reported data for their school in 2014-15, an… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Mixing Babies and B-School: Can You Do It? (Spoiler: You Can!) 1/2

Harold: I’m not a mother and it is something I can never be…so I’ve asked my colleague Chelsea to share her thoughts on mixing motherhood and an MBA. (written by an MBA mom, Wharton ’16) Part I: Planning At 29, an Army Veteran, and bringing a husband of six years, I was a bit above… View Article

Tips for Sponsored Asian MBA Candidates Applying to European MBA Programs

European MBA programs have been increasingly a top choice for employer-sponsored Asian MBA candidates, given their shorter duration (hence higher ROI for the employer), more flexible curriculum and more internationally diversified student body than their North American counterparts. INSEAD typically receives 15% sponsored students in a year, while this figure drops to below 5% at… View Article

Tips for Indian Candidates Applying to European MBA Programs

According to a 2016 application trends survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), India is the top country of origin among international candidates for both one-year and two-year MBA programs in the world. Compared to their American or Asian counterparts, European full-time MBA programs have been gaining momentum in a relatively stagnant global MBA… View Article