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Top 7 Steps All MBA Applicants Should Be Taking Now

Much as the old adage describes, “complacency breeds mediocrity,” so too does complacency breed middling applications. Take the following timely steps in May to position yourself for MBA application success. 1. Answer these three questions: Why an MBA? Why now? Why that particular school? We cannot stress enough the importance of being able to answer… View Article

How the Admissions Committee Builds a MBA Class

Find out who you are really competing against One of the most popular questions that I get from MBA applicants is how do admissions committees create a class? To answer this question, it is most easily explained with one of my favorite hobbies, cooking, and one of my favorite meals, jambalaya. For those of you… View Article

Top 7 Steps All MBA Applicants Should Be Taking in April

April is the start of April showers and another MBA application season that will last until October. While October may seem awfully far away to begin the process, most successful candidates applying to the top business schools invariably start their submissions at least six months before they are due. Here are seven steps you should… View Article

The Real March Madness: US News & World Report Business School Rankings Revealed

A March-Madness approach to business school selection using the US News & World Report rankings It’s MARCH MADNESS, the rankings have been announced and once again it’s the usual cast of characters versus the underdogs. Who will be the big surprise this year and who will disappoint? No we are not talking about NCCA basketball,… View Article

Get Involved: Community Leadership Can Enrich Your MBA Application

Every year, the crop of candidates applying to top MBA programs become more and more competitive. Many applicants may think that the ideal candidate from the perspective of the admissions committee is largely based on a formula of numbers such as GPA and GMAT score. Although these numbers are important, top programs are looking for more:… View Article