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Study Effectively When Retaking the LSAT

Many test-takers decide to retake the LSAT in an effort to improve their score. Although there are some similarities between preparing to take the test for the first time and preparing to retake the test, there are also a few significant differences. One of the most common misconceptions about preparing to retake the LSAT is

How Does the LSAC Calculate Undergraduate GPA?

Why is the cumulative GPA that LSAC reports not the same as the GPA as calculated by their undergraduate institutions? After submitting their transcripts to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), many applicants are perplexed to find that the cumulative GPA that LSAC reports is not the same as the GPA as calculated by their

How to Write a Great Law School Personal Statement

Other than an applicant’s LSAT score and undergraduate GPA, the most important component of a law school application is the personal statement. The personal statement is your opportunity to tell admissions committees about the person behind the numbers, achievements and other aspects of you that they will learn about in the other parts of your

How to Get Into a Top Law School

Everything you need to know about applying and getting accepted to the top law schools – from preparing your law school application and selecting the right schools to writing your personal statement and securing letters of recommendations. To paraphrase Charles Dickens: for law school applicants, it is the best of times, and it is the

How to Navigate Law School’s “Rolling Admissions Cycle” to Your Advantage

An uncommon and often confusing feature of the law school admissions process is that it uses a rolling admissions cycle. In this article, we’ll explore the rolling admissions cycle that law schools use and provide tips on how to navigate the process to your advantage. How does rolling admissions work? Most admissions processes are based

What You Need To Know About Law School Deadlines

Because law schools use a rolling admissions cycle, it is often daunting to figure out each school’s application deadline, if they have one at all, and what one should do if the stated deadline has passed. “Hard” vs. “Soft” Law School Deadlines Because of the rolling nature of the law school admissions cycle, candidates submit

Law School Admissions First Steps: 3 Things You Can Do Now

Whether you’re applying in the upcoming admissions cycle or might wait until next year, if you’re committed to applying to law school, you can take the following steps toward submitting your applications right now. 1. LSAC Registrations The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) is the organization that manages all aspects of the law school application

5 Summer Tips to Put Your Law School Applications Ahead of the Curve

If you’re applying to law school, the month of July isn’t just about barbecues and beach volleyball. This month is an opportunity to make important early progress in your law school application process. Here are five key priorities through the month of July: Create an Account on The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) is