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The Steep Price of a Law School Investment 

Law school should be viewed as an investment in your future and will likely be one of the largest investments you will make in your life. What can add to the uneasy feeling of an investment in law school is that, unlike a mortgage, you do not obtain a tangible asset for your investment. Rather, an investment in law school will come with several intangible things the true value of which will, in part, depend on how you utilize them.


You’ve taken the LSAT (and hopefully scored well), built a strong academic record in college and pursued internships that offered valuable life experience and prepared you for a career in the law. You are now ready to apply to law school. Bear in mind that law school Admissions Committees (AdComs) read thousands of these essays

Three Key Elements for a Powerful Law School Personal Statement

When a law school admissions officer reads your personal statement, what three words do you want to come to mind? Ideally, the classic triumvirate: passionate, tenacious and successful. There are multiple reasons why this traditional combination works and why it is so important to clearly establish these traits in your application to law school. Identify


Applying for law school is competitive. If you want to maximize your chances of being accepted to your top schools, you will need to have things prepared and ready to go at the right time. The later you apply in the cycle, the lower your chances become of gaining admission. With this in mind, we

10 Law School Admissions Questions Answered

The following article was submitted by Stratus Admissions Counseling to The National Jurist and was originally published on their PreLaw website.   PreLaw magazine recently sat down with Stratus Admissions Counseling to discuss some of the most important questions law school applicants have about the admissions process. Joy Blaser and Daniel Waldman are admissions counselors

Look Beyond the Stats: Law School Selection Tips & Choosing Where to Apply

With over 230 accredited law schools spread across the entire US, “Where should I apply?” can be a difficult question to answer. Aside from the standard advice of applying to the highest ranked schools you will most likely be accepted to given your LSAT and GPA, you should consider a number of additional factors when

Understanding the Law School Application from a Holistic Lens – How the Personal Statement Functions in Your Application

“Will This Student Succeed At My Law School?” This is really the only question that a law school admissions committee member is asking himself or herself when reviewing your application. It is a remarkably simple question with a binary answer. Yes, you’re in; no, you’re out. That said, while the question is simple, answering it

Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Applying to Law School

Since elementary school, people have told you that you would make a good lawyer. Or maybe you are in your senior year in college and, for the first time, are considering a career in law. If either of these scenarios sound familiar, now is the time for some critical self-reflection. While applying to law school