La La Land: More than a Movie…Tips to get you to UCLA Anderson

(Updated for 2019-2020)

There are many amazing reasons to live in Southern California: Perfect weather, perfect water, and Silicon Beach to name a few. However, what really makes UCLA stand out is its unique location in a city filled with many different industries, a collaborative culture, and the flexibility to customize your MBA experience. Keep these in mind when completing your essays.
Essay Question: Describe your short-term and long-term career goals. How can the UCLA Anderson experience add value to your professional development? (500 words maximum)

While this is a pretty standard essay question, Anderson is looking at this question to ensure that you are ready for an MBA. Make sure that you can sell why now is the right time and Anderson is the right place for you.


Start by describing your short and long-term goals. Be clear and concise so that everyone will interpret your path in the same way. If you are too vague, it could be a red flag that that you have not thought through your plan clearly and might not be ready for an MBA.

Bring Proof:

You should provide evidence from your past that illustrates how you have developed these goals and that they logically fit with your story. If you are a career switcher, you will need to give a bit of background as to why you are switching – what experiences have you had that make you want to change your path?

Why Anderson:

How can Anderson get you there? How can Anderson fill the skill gaps you have? This is your opportunity to really show how well you know UCLA. Will you pick finance or marketing in your first semester? Will you choose a specialization to help you dive deeper into your niche or stay high level to round out your general management skills? How will you approach your Capstone project – through AMR or BCO (you better know the difference)? How will you leverage the resources available through the Parker Career Management Center?