How to Get into a Top MBA Program

How to Get into London Business School

The LBS MBA is designed for smart and ambitious people – those who know how to best utilize what LBS can bring them during and after the MBA in many different aspects. The flexible 15, 18 or 21-month curriculum allows tailor-made MBA journey you progress through the MBA.

How to Get into Harvard Business School

Many people are intimidated by the prestige of Harvard – the worldwide reputation, internationally known professors, beautiful campus with manicured lawns – but once students settle in to the HBS experience along with hundreds of diverse peers from around the world, it just feels like the perfect place to earn your MBA.

How to Get into Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program features a highly flexible curriculum, allowing students to take courses suited to their own interests and career goals. No specific courses are required — only categories of courses that must be met:

Functions, Management, and Business Environment
LEAD – Leadership Exploration and Development

How to Get into Wharton

In 1881, Wharton became the first collegiate business school in the world. Joseph Wharton’s legacy lives on (his image can be found on the MBA Pub shirts) through a highly-ranked MBA program, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

How to Get into Stanford GSB

So you’re interested in applying to the GSB? There are some important things to keep in mind: You may be interested in some other “the”-less schools like Wharton, Booth, HBS, Fuqua, etc., but when it comes to Stanford, there’s a “the” in front. Welcome to the GSB!

How to Get into MIT Sloan

If attending any other business school is like enlisting in the Navy, joining MIT Sloan is more akin to becoming a pirate with its can-do spirit that sometimes bends the rules. At Sloan, it’s about the four Hs: the Heart to strive, the Head to keep up, the Hands to get things done, and the Home to take risks in a supportive environment.

How to Get into Kellogg

If you ever were wondering, the answer is yes; the Kellogg School of Management is named after John L. Kellogg, the son of the world-renowned cereal magnate. With that out of the way, think very carefully about how you fit the community known for its collaborative and social students while making your own unique contribution to the class.

How to Get into Michigan Ross

So, you are thinking about applying to Ross’ full-time MBA program? Great choice! The Ross culture is one of the best reasons to choose the school as one of your top options. So what makes Ross so unique?

How to Get into Johnson at Cornell

Johnson has a small, close-knit community and amiable culture with an emphasis on intense collaboration and preparing leaders for success on a global scale. The school looks for candidates who will have an impact on the program both while attending and after graduation.

How to Get into Berkeley-Haas

Think about the pillars of Haas: Confidence without Attitude, Question the Status Quo, Beyond Yourself and Student Always. Do these speak to you? How can you show examples of these pillars in your life? Berkeley-Haas is a very close-knit program that is functionally and culturally diverse, student-driven and collaborative. Students make things happen at Berkeley-Haas both professionally and personally.

How to Get into UCLA Anderson

UCLA Anderson is all about teamwork and collaboration. The school has an excellent entrepreneurship center and that spirit is reflected in the student body. Anderson recruits creative leaders, ones that can think fearlessly and lead innovation, all while sharing their success.

How to Get into Tepper

If you are looking for an East coast school, with a technology focus and the opportunity to really develop close relationships with all your classmates, Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business might be a great option for you.