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Yale Program Overview

Do you want to immerse yourself in an education that will provide you a full passport – stamped with complex business issues and personal interactions that traverse the globe?  At Yale SOM, you will be surrounded by global talent from across all sectors and regions with a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Being an SOM student, you will learn that passion is the main agent in driving students’ purpose. Even though nonprofit and social impact careers are very popular, you can still find a plethora of traditional post-MBA options such as consulting and investment banking. Or you may even find yourself pursuing a career in economic development, foreign government, and environmental policy, which are not only celebrated amongst your peers, but supported by both faculty and administration.

If you are interested in taking an integrated, rather than functional, approach to business learning, SOM may be the program for you. At Yale, you will develop a unique approach to problem solving and strategic decision making that encompasses the priorities of all stakeholders. By design, SOM is distinctively global. The ability to work cross-culturally is a core skill. Before starting classes, you will be placed in a diverse team that will work together throughout the first year. Working successfully in teams is crucial to your success at SOM and beyond.


 Important Insights about Yale-SOM


The Yale SOM core curriculum is unique in how it connects the pieces of a business school education into a meaningful whole. Courses include the fundamentals, such as CAPM and net present value; however, the first-year courses are carefully planned to create an understanding of the entire organization, eventually building to address business’s impact on society. Unlimited elective choice throughout Yale University enables students to pursue intellectual interests and develop habits of inquiry and analysis that will benefit them as leaders. The curriculum also equips students with a global approach to problem solving, evident in the presence of international students, strong emphasis on students’ travel abroad, and international raw-case examples. The global nature manifests in all spheres of the SOM experience.

Leadership development is essential to the SOM Curriculum. The courses are rooted in equipping students with a personal knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence, managing and delivering feedback, diversity, organizational design and culture, as well as civic engagement and community building. All of these competencies are continuously reinforced in the structure of the curriculum.

Yale SOM doesn’t have concentrations. Students have the flexibility to select from the vast array of electives around Corporate Strategy, Technology, Finance, Impact Investing, Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and more. In addition, SOM is well integrated with the larger University and students can leverage the course offerings at Yale’s other graduate and professional schools. In fact, more than 15% of SOM students are pursuing dual degrees.

Yale SOM uses a ‘raw case method’ which is vastly different from a “cooked case,” which consolidates a business scenario into a 10-page narrative focused on a specific learning outcome. In the raw-case method, students are presented with a particular issues and have to research and analyze disaggregate pieces of information from vastly different sources to develop strategic action. The raw-case curriculum is critical because it best prepares students for work in industry post-business school.


Yale SOM offers many opportunities to engage with classmates outside of academics.  Hockey is especially popular because SOM boasts a strong Canadian community and the hockey rink is within close proximity of Evans Hall. If hockey isn’t your forte, perhaps you’ll find solace with SOM United Soccer. It’s the unifying sport that brings the international communities together. SOM extracurriculars are also more than sports. SOM boasts a strong, supportive women’s network that has countless male allies. Women In Management (WIM) successfully engages women’s support groups, like Yale Law Women, to promote and bring awareness to topics relating to gender equity and the advancement of women.

Yale SOM, along with students from across the university, holds several student-run industry conferences. The conferences offer a wide array of leadership opportunities and serve as an integral part of the student experience. Hosted with students from the School of Public Health and the School of Medicine, the 2016 Yale Healthcare Conference theme was “Creating Value and Sustaining Gains: The Next Decade in Healthcare.” Breakout sessions covered new payment models, pharmaceutical prices, and how to disrupt the arrested ecosystem of providers, patients, manufacturers, and distributors.  SOM also has an amazing Education Leadership Conference which brings together teachers, parents, community members and education pioneers who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of students. Sondra Samuels, President and CEO of the Northside Achievement Zone, was the keynote speaker for the 2016 conference themed “Defining Success: Understanding Our Aspirations for Students.” Yale Africa Business Practicum (ABP) is an annual Africa-focused symposium that brings together scholars, students, and professionals discuss the business challenges and opportunities. Using a case-based approach, randomly-assigned teams develop and discuss potential solutions with industry experts, faculty, and Yale World Fellows.

Sample Counselors with Yale-SOM Experience


Harvard Business School MBA
University of Maryland BA & BS

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Brandeis BA

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Haas School of Business, MBA
University of Illinois BS

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 Important Facts about Yale-SOM


Round 1

  • Deadline: 9/13/17
  • Decision: 12/6/17

Round 2

  • Deadline: 1/4/18
  • Decision: 3/27/18

Round 3

  • Deadline: 4/18/18
  • Decision: 5/17/18
Class Profile

Class Size: 334

Average Age: 28

Average Work Experience: 5-6 years

Women: 43%

Underrepresented Minority: 13%

International Citizenship: 46% (includes US permanent residents and dual citizens)

Average GMAT: 730

80% GMAT Range: 690-760

Average GPA: 3.65

80% GPA Range: 3.31-3.91

Career Placement


  • Consulting: 44.6%
  • Finance/Accounting: 23.3%
  • General Management: 10.4%
  • Law: 3.8%
  • Marketing/Sales: 7.9%
  • Operations/Logistics: 5.4%
  • Real Estate: 1.7%
  • Other: 2.9%


  • Outside the US – 15.4%
  • Northeast 54.2%
  • Mid-Atlantic 8.9%
  • South 1.5%
  • Midwest 3.4%
  • Southwest 6.4%
  • West 25.6%

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