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Michigan Ross Program Overview

So, you are thinking about applying to Ross’ full time MBA program? Great choice! The Ross culture is one of the best reasons to choose the school as one of your top options. So what makes Ross so unique?

The People! The People! The People! – Overall, Rossers are very driven and some of the best collaborators in the business world. They love teamwork and helping each other succeed, not only academically and professionally, but also personally. Your classmates will be some of the most intriguing people you will ever meet and when you meet one of the many alums all over the world, the concept of Rossers being not only successful, but grounded in the idea of making a positive impact on society will definitely be reinforced.

The opportunities are endless! – As a Ross student, you will have a ton of resources to achieve any goal you can imagine. With the support of the staff and world renowned professors, if you come to Ross and want to start an organization focused on connecting the business world with the K-12 education sector, you can do that! Well that organization was already created in 2014, but it’s a good example of how most students either engage with the multitude of current organizations in existence or they simply create a new one. In addition to the plethora of student organizations, a ton of other opportunities exist. For example, you can study abroad in Italy or France, take a international negotiations course in Bulgaria or take a trek to New York focused on the sports industry. Whatever you want to do, you can do it at Ross!

Ann Arbor! Really??? Yes, really! – A recent study by listed Ann Arbor as the best place to live in America, so just don’t take our word on it. Although a majority of Rossers come from some of the largest cities in America and around the world, most of them have never been to Ann Arbor prior to their first campus visit. Though most might think living in such a small city will be a huge lifestyle change, most alumni will speak about their time in Ann Arbor in glowing terms and alums are always looking for reasons to return.



 Important Insights about Michigan Ross


The Ross academic calendar is arranged in four 7-week semesters, with enrichment weeks built in to give students the opportunity to take trips that are aligned with each student’s career goals. Ross’ first year is driven by its world renown MAP, also known as Multidisciplinary Action Project. The core classes are ordered to both prepare first year students to be best prepared for internship recruiting in the early Spring semester, as well as to thoroughly prepare students to take on real-world business problems during MAP. Although some students will be eligible to take electives as soon as Fall B, most students begin taking electives in Winter A.

With over 20 established dual-degree programs, a good number of Rossers take on a dual degree given the high reputation of many graduate programs on the University of Michigan’s campus. A few of the most common dual degrees are with the School of Education, School of Public Policy and School of Natural Resources & Environment aka the Erb Institute. Overall, Ross has a strong general management core curriculum and a plethora of electives within the business school, as well as electives that can be taken through other programs at the university.


Ross is known to be one of the most student driven programs. If you are interested in anything, there is a huge chance you will find an opportunity to engage with others who have a common interest at Ross. Clubs and activities provide opportunities for students to develop and build their leadership and teamwork skills, but most importantly, it gives them the chance to grow as individuals by getting exposed to people and situations that they may not have had access to in their pre-MBA lives. One of the coolest events for incoming MBAs prior to the beginning of the school year is MTreks. These trips are organized by second-year students with the intent to cultivate friendships and explore some of the most exciting locations in the world. One of the greatest advantages of participating in a MTrek is that students get to bond and develop close relationships prior to the entire class getting to campus. In addition to MTreks, there are a ton of interesting groups doing a range of fun and impactful work in Ann Arbor and beyond. Some of the more recent and unique clubs include the Community Consulting Club, 180 Degrees Consulting, Detroit Revitalization and Business Initiative a.k.a. Detroit R&B, Education + Business (E+B), and Follies.

Sample Counselors with Michigan Ross Experience


Fuqua MBA
Dartmouth AB

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 Important Facts about Michigan Ross


Round 1

  • Deadline: 10/2/17
  • Decision: 12/15/17

Round 2:

  • Deadline: 1/2/18
  • Decision: 3/15/18

Round 3:

  • Deadline: 3/19/18
  • Decision: 5/11/18
Class Profile

Class Size: 415

Average Age: 27

Average Work Experience: 5

Women: 40%

Minority: 24%

International Citizenship: 31%

Average GMAT: 708

80% GMAT Range: 650-750

Average GPA: 3.4

80% GPA Range:

Career Placement


  • Consulting: 32.2%
  • Consumer Packaged Goods: 9.8%
  • Education/Government/Non-Profit: 1.5%
  • Energy: 4.1%
  • Financial Services: 13.6%
  • Healthcare: 6.8%
  • Manufacturing: 5.6%
  • Technology: 20.4%
  • Transportation: 1.2%
  • Other: 4.8%


  • Outside the US: 7.7%
  • Northeast: 20.8%
  • Mid-Atlantic: 3.3%
  • South: 3.6%
  • Midwest: 35.4%
  • Southwest: 5%
  • West: 24.2%

Michigan Ross Resources

Admissions Tips & Advice for Getting Accepted

Essay Questions

Short Answer Questions

Select one prompt from each group. Respond to your selected prompts using 100 words or fewer (<100 words each; 300 words total).

Group 1

I want people to know that I:
I turned an idea into action when I:
I made a difference when I:
Group 2

I showed my resilience when I:
I was humbled when:
I am out of my comfort zone when:
Group 3

I was aware that I am different when:
I find it challenging when people:
A valuable thing I have taught someone is:


Please share your short-term and long-term career goals. What skills/strengths do you have that will be relevant to your career goals? How will Ross prepare you for your goals? (300 words)

Optional Statement

This section should only be used to convey information not addressed elsewhere in your application, for example, completion of supplemental coursework, employment gaps, academic issues, etc. Feel free to use bullet points where appropriate.

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