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McCombs School of Business

Program Overview

The University of Texas at Austin is a world renown university and its business school, The McCombs School of Business is consistently a top 25 ranked program. If you are thinking about applying to McCombs, there are a ton of reasons why you should definitely consider the school.

One of the first reasons why thousands of applicants are attracted to McCombs is the city of Austin. Austin is an energetic city with a culture that supports experimenting and creativity. As it is one of the top cities for young people in the country, the fact that McCombs is in the heart of such an interesting and eccentric city is a huge plus. The relaxed culture is obviously a primary reason to live there, but Austin’s proximity to huge cities like Dallas and Houston, also provides a ton of professional opportunities to students as they search for internships and full-time opportunities after graduation.

Secondly, UT-McCombs is also known to have one of the best collaborative cohorts of students. Many activities and classes are teamwork-based and the tight-knit community prides itself on building strong relationships with classmates as well as staff and faculty.

Finally, anyone applying to UT-McCombs should know FOOTBALL IS HUGE! The Texas Longhorns have a long history of accomplishments on the football field and the fascination with the team definitely permeates the business school as much as the rest of the campus. MBA networking events are purposely scheduled around the football schedule and many companies will sponsor tailgating events to get to know interested students and enjoy the weekend game.


McCombs has a traditional calendar, including a Fall and Spring semester where most students typically take five courses. One of the downsides to the schedule can be the task of retaining so much content for the end of course final, but most students find they are able to really go deep and thoroughly engage in each course. The school offers a wide array of electives and most students think the entrepreneurial classes are some of the best. Additionally, professors can be known for pushing students to think on their toes and really examine their understanding and viewpoints. Most of the classes after the first semester are case-based. Furthermore, a good number of students participate in case competitions and several classes offer students the opportunity to take on real-world projects with local companies. Some professors engage in random cold calling to interact with students, while others put the onus on students to participate as a percentage of their grade will be based on class participation. Dual degrees with the Law school are most popular, although the option of taking on a dual degree is not as popular at UT-McCombs compared to some other business schools. Overall, UT-McCombs is very well known for energy, marketing, accounting and entrepreneurship. If you are looking to get into natural gas or energy, UT-McCombs is probably the best program for you.

Extra Curriculars

Life at McCombs is very intertwined with the Austin culture. “Think & Drink” events on Thursdays are sponsored by all types of companies, and provide students the opportunity to network in a relaxing environment. In addition to the sports focused culture, the very collaborative community thrives on the Austin progressive culture. There are a good number of students who are native Austinites and Texans, but there also are many international students. The UT-McCombs culture can be relaxed, but students are very open to trying and exploring new things. There is definitely a sense of thinking outside of the box. For example, there is an elective dedicated to researching and learning about emerging and developing economies around the world. At the end of the course, students travel in groups to locations such as China or South Africa to explore those countries in person. Another top opportunity is through the Energy Finance Group and the Energy Finance Trek to Houston, where students get up close and personal with key leaders and sometimes alums at companies like Chevron and ExxonMobil. Some of the other unique clubs include GWIB aka the Graduate Women in Business, the MBA Soccer Club that has an annual tournament to compete against other top business schools. The MBA Investment Fund is very demanding and competitive to get in, but has been a very rewarding experience for those who are selected.


Class Profile

Class Size: 260

Average Age: 28

Average Work Experience: 5.5

Women: 37%

Underrepresented Minority: 14%

International Citizenship: 25%

Average GMAT: 699

Average GPA: 3.42

Career Placement

  • Consulting: 21%
  • Consumer Products: 5%
  • Energy: 5%
  • Financial Services: 20%
  • Health Care: 2%
  • Real Estate: 3%
  • Retail: 2%
  • Technology: 33%
  • Other: 9%


  • Outside US: 2%
  • Northeast: 6%
  • Mid-Atlantic: 4%
  • South: 4%
  • Midwest: 4%
  • Southwest: 63%
  • West: 17%

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