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Chicago Booth School of Business

Program Overview

Do you ‘Challenge Everything’? The unofficial slogan of Chicago Booth permeates its classroom and extracurricular atmosphere. Much more than a simple ‘Finance school’, Booth has also strengthened its focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. But at its core it remains a place where rigorous thought and data-driven thinking are crucial to its culture.

As you think about your fit for Booth, do your peers describe you as intellectually curious? Are you unafraid to challenge the status quo? Do you look for opportunities to give back whenever you can? Do you have a passion for leadership? Do new problems excite you, as much as the opportunity to solve them? Then Booth may be the place for you!

Booth values analytical thinkers who are intellectually curious, passionate about innovation, and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Opinions and facts, which are substantiated by rigorous thought and data, along with humility and a passion for academics are also regarded highly. Booth’s Entrepreneurship resources include the New Venture Challenge and Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Each year, Booth conducts career-oriented and recreational treks across the U.S. and world, so students can explore industries they are interested in and geographical locales they are unfamiliar with. Booth also values a philanthropic attitude among its students and a commitment to serving causes larger than themselves.


Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program features a highly flexible curriculum, allowing students to take courses suited to their own interests and career goals. No specific courses are required — only categories of courses that must be met:

  • Foundations
  • Functions, Management, and Business Environment
  • Electives
  • LEAD – Leadership Exploration and Development

Booth’s faculty is very flexible with students who wish to take advanced coursework without meeting prerequisites, and a formal “testing out” procedure typically isn’t required. Each Booth course is required to have no higher than a B+ (3.33) average grade across the class, and your grade as a Full-Time student will be curved along with the Evening and Weekend MBA students in the same courses. Students may choose one or more concentrations, although none are required. Popular choices include Analytic Finance, Strategic Management, and Entrepreneurship. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Initiatives tends to be among the most popular resources on campus.

Extra Curriculars

A few of the more active professional clubs on campus include the Investment Banking Club, Healthcare Group, and Private Equity Group. Clubs are student-run, and the level of engagement tends to vary based on the activeness of recruitment within the industry — for example, the Hedge Fund Group is less active than in the past due to changing dynamics in the industry, while the Health Care Group is growing due to the increased opportunities in the industry. Professionally-oriented treks, such as the Investment Management Trek, are typically conducted in November and December by first-year students seeking summer internships and are comprised of between 8 to 25 people, depending on interest. The social clubs which have active presences on campus include the Wine Club, Thursday Night Drinking Club (TNDC), Net Impact, and the Chicago Booth Basketball Club. These clubs are also student-run and membership fluctuates based on each incoming cohort.


Class Profile

Class Size: 585

Average Age: 27.8 years

Average Work Experience: 5 years

Women: 42%

Underrepresented Minority: 23%

International Citizenship: 34%

Average GMAT: 726

GMAT Range: 570-780

Average GPA: 3.6

80% Undergraduate GPA Range: 3.2-3.9

Career Placement

  • Consulting: 27.5%
  • Consumer Products: 6.9%
  • Education/Government/Non-Profit: 1.6%
  • Energy: 1.2%
  • Financial Services: 36%
  • Health Care Products and Services: 3.3%
  • Manufacturing/Chemicals/Plastics: 1.6%
  • Media/Entertainment/Sports: 1.2%
  • Real Estate: 1.2%
  • Technology: 16.7%
  • Other: 1.6%


  • International: 12.8%
  • United States: 87.2%
  • Midwest: 31.4%
  • West: 23.4%
  • Northeast: 23%
  • Southwest: 5.3%
  • Mid-Atlantic: 2.0%
  • South: 2.0%

Counselors with Chicago Booth Experience

Blogs about Chicago Booth

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