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Berkeley-Haas School of Business

Program Overview

Think about the pillars of Haas: Confidence without Attitude, Question the Status Quo, Beyond Yourself and Student Always. Do these speak to you? How can you show examples of these pillars in your life? Berkeley-Haas is a very close-knit program that is functionally and culturally diverse, student driven and collaborative. Students make things happen at Berkeley-Haas both professionally and personally.

While there are opportunities abound to get involved at Berkeley-Haas, across the Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program and Center for Responsible Business students are continually championing their own initiatives to learn and grow. The Global Venture Business Competition was started back in 1999 by four Berkeley-Haas students who wanted to see a new type of business competition. It is now the leading social venture competition awarding over $80,000 in prizes each year. What is your passion?

Think about experiences that have challenged the way you think and how you have grown from those experiences. How will you take advantage of all that UC Berkeley has to offer and what will you give back?

Nestled into the foothills in Berkeley. Near Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Napa Valley. Within the amazing University of California – Berkeley. There are so many fantastic aspects to the Berkeley-Haas program in addition to the program itself. Make the effort to get to know the close-knit culture at Berkeley-Haas, this will come through in your application. Make sure you address why the culture is right for you.


Haas offers mini-semesters during the first year to help students gain exposure across the key areas of business and move more quickly to electives. During the first year Fall term, students participate in a career planning week to map out an initial plan to achieve their career goals. In the first year Spring semester, students can begin fulfilling the Applied Innovation requirement. You can test out of core courses to move onto electives more quickly.

Students can follow an Area of Emphasis to take advantage of a full suite of resources in a certain subject or design a set of electives to meet their needs. Or students can take advantage of one of the many multi-disciplinary institutes that leverage the resources across UC Berkeley, such as the Energy Institute at Haas, the Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program, the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, and Institute for Business and Social Impact which encompasses both the Center for Responsible Business and the Center for Social Sector Leadership.

Extra Curriculars

Haas has an extremely student-driven culture. If you see an opportunity for a new club or extracurricular activity, you are empowered to find like-minded individuals to get it started! A perfect example is the now Global Venture Business Competition that was started in 2001 as the Haas Social Venture Competition. Each year it grew through collaboration with other schools to become a global competition. It started because a couple of Haas students had a vision for a business plan competition with a triple bottom line.

There are no classes on Friday, but students can attend the Consumption Function often sponsored by one of the clubs, which provides the opportunity to catch up with classmates and friends, and family. Over the weekend, students can hike in the Berkeley hills or Marin County with Redwoods@Haas or enjoy wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma with the Wine Club.

Giving back is also a large part of the Haas experience whether through Challenge for Charity or the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas Program (now Boost). Additionally, during each winter break, students can take either global or career-related treks with fellow classmates.


Class Profile

Class Size: 252

Average Age: 28

Average Work Experience: 5 years

Women: 38%

Underrepresented Minority: 32%

International Citizenship: 38% (representing over 30 international countries)

Average GMAT: 717

80% GMAT Range: 680-750

Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.64

80% Undergraduate GPA Range: 3.34-3.89

Career Placement

  • Consulting: 19.1%
  • CPG/Retail: 11.5%
  • Energy: 4.4%
  • Financial Services: 12.0%
  • Health/Biotech/Pharma: 6.6%
  • Nonprofit/Public Sector: 2.7%
  • Real Estate: 2.7%
  • Technology/Telecom: 38.8%
  • Other: 2.2%

Counselors with Berkeley-Haas Experience

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