How to Get into UCLA Anderson

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Program Overview

UCLA Anderson is all about teamwork and collaboration. The school has an excellent entrepreneurship center and that spirit is reflected in the student body. Anderson recruits creative leaders, ones that can think fearlessly and lead innovation, all while sharing their success. Anderson is no place for egos. Optimism, flexibility, passion, curiosity, analytic ability, and strategic thinking are all traits they like to see. The class size at Anderson is medium sized (about 360) and the school emphasizes student leadership, group projects, and community. Anderson has a few centers of study within the school including real estate, entrepreneurship, media, entertainment, sports, and finance. If you are interested in entrepreneurship be very specific. Make sure you provide detail on what ”being entrepreneurial” means to you. Within the Price Center there are programs that include a family business program, social entrepreneurship, starting a business, etc.

Anderson’s touts the City of LA as providing ‘Limitless Access’ to downtown, over 300 thousand small business, entertainment studios and Silicon Beach – home to hundreds of tech companies and start-ups. Being in LA offers students access to school year internships, informational interviews, networking and industry practitioners as instructors. As part of the greater UCLA community, Anderson students have access to nearly 300 research centers, ten joint degree programs and can take up to three courses in other programs. Want some college sports excitement as part of your MBA experience? UCLA holds 113 NCAA titles and the alumni base is incredibly supportive.

Anderson is especially proud of its Parker Career Management Center which received the highest ratings for student satisfaction across all top MBA programs. With more than 75% of a class switching both industry and function, Anderson provides outstanding support including Anderson Career Teams, second year students who volunteer to assist first years through the career search process. Admitted students have access to Parker Center resources as soon as they are admitted – even before they set foot on campus.


The school is on the quarter system, with three 10-week quarters making up the first year, meaning Anderson students head into their summer internship with more classes than their peers from other schools.  Curriculum includes a focus on leadership and communication along with flexibility for up to two specializations in areas such as Technology Leadership, Marketing Analytics, Entertainment and Global Management.

The capstone of the Anderson MBA program is the real-world master’s thesis frequently fulfilled by the Applied Management Research (AMR) project in the second year. This 20-week project which is now in its 50th year involves working with a team of Anderson students on a consulting engagement for a ‘real’ company.  Through this experience, students can apply their classroom learning to conduct primary research to solve strategic challenges, explore new markets or launch new products.

Beyond AMR, there are a few industry specific options for the capstone including the coveted role of managing the UCLA Anderson Student Investment Fund, founded in 1987, for which 10-15 students are selected.  The Business Creation Option (BCO) provides students an opportunity to start their own business while still in school with support of the Anderson Accelerator Mentors Program and access to on campus working space with the Anderson Venture Accelerator.  Last year, of the 23 BCO teams, more than half got some sort of funding for their projects. A select group of students can participate in the NAIOP Real Estate Competition for their capstone.

Extra Curriculars

With over 50 student clubs, there are endless opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally while having fun getting to know classmates.  Despite having a lower percentage of women than most top-tier programs, through Women’s Business Connection Anderson women have strong, loud voices.  In fact, Anderson recently sent 59 women to the Forte event.  In addition to the obvious wine tastings, Anderson Wine Club partners with Parker Career Management to bring in executives from top California wineries.  AnderTech, the Anderson Tech Business Association, provides career support for students interested including Tech Treks, Career Nights and conferences.  Not surprisingly, the Entertainment Management Association (EMA) leverages the LA location to build industry relationships and help students develop industry knowledge. Anderson Afternoons, hosted by different clubs and organizations, provide an opportunity to wind down and engage with classmates on Thursday afternoons after a week of classes.  Beach bonfires and trips to Las Vegas are other benefits of Anderson’s LA location.


Class Profile

Class Size: 370

Average Age: 29

Average Work Experience: 5 years

Women: 30%

Minority: 25%

International Citizenship: 33%

Average GMAT: 715

80% GMAT Range: 680-750

80% Undergraduate GPA Range: 3.2-3.8

Career Placement

  • Consulting: 21.4%
  • Consumer Products: 10.5%
  • Energy: 1.1%
  • Entertainment/Media: 6.5%
  • Financial Services: 19.6%
  • Health Care: 2.9%
  • Manufacturing: 1.4%
  • Non-Profit: 1.1%
  • Real Estate: 3.3%
  • Retail: 1.8%
  • Technology: 28.6%
  • Other: 1.4%


  • Outside US: 9.8%
  • Northeast: 7.2%
  • Mid-Atlantic: 1.2%
  • South: 0.8%
  • Midwest: 1.6%
  • Southwest: 1.6%
  • West: 77.6%

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