Uvika Sharma

MBA Admissions Counselor
Academic Background

Stony Brook University, BS
Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell, MBA

Work Experience

Uvika earned her BS in Computer Science. She started her career at Citigroup during her junior year in undergrad as part of a special program – Citi Tech Advanced Placement Program – and worked within Securities Services and Global Fixed Income Technology.

After working within financial services, Uvika joined Accenture’s consulting practice within the Financial Performance Improvement group and led cross-functional teams and managed large implementation projects for the US Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies. Uvika has worked with client teams in 57 countries.

After getting an MBA from Johnson, Uvika worked within marketing analytics, operations performance and risk management teams for Moody’s Analytics and Standard & Poor’s rating firms. Prior to joining Stratus, Uvika was a management consultant for start-ups and big pharma companies and conducted market research, managed post-merger integration, change management, and operational improvement projects.

Uvika also enjoys mentoring undergraduate and graduate student and helps them prepare for job interviews. She frequently helps out the Johnson career center with mock consulting workshops that are conducted every year.

Area of Expertise

Admissions process, consulting, project management, operations, marketing, finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

A little more in-depth

What I like most about being a Stratus MBA Admissions Counselor:

Getting into business school is a dream for many and the ability to coach my clients on getting into the business school of their choice and making that dream a reality makes me happy.

3 Random Facts:

– I have lived in four countries: US, India, Switzerland, and Hong Kong
– I enjoy astrology and numerology and I can tell someone’s key ruling planets with their name and date of birth within less than five minutes.
– I am a big Shark Tank and Profit fan and try not to miss any episode.