Jennifer Martin

Academic Background

Columbia University – MA in Education, English

Member – Arts in Education Alumni Association

Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs– BA Policy Studies

Member – Varsity Soccer Team
Member – Alpha Xi Delta
Worked for Orange Pack Athletic Alumni Association / Planned Giving

Work Experience

Jennifer is an experienced consultant having worked in one of the top three management consulting firms for two years dealing with national clients in retail and financial sectors. She happily shifted into the education industry ten years ago, working on policy, teaching, and consulting in college and graduate admissions. She has logged over seven years in the classroom–writing curriculum and providing professional development. She has also worked with prospective NCAA athletes in the areas of academics as well as compliance for top Division I programs.

Education BA/MA specifics

Jennifer’s expertise in working with undergraduate and graduate candidates entering the field of education allows her clients to be on the forefront of new industry trends. Her work on popular initiatives like “flipped classroom,” connections within the industry, and knowledge of internship and practicum best practices can provide a huge boost to BA/MA education applications. Her insight will help clients narrow their search to find the school which will best fit the applicant’s personal niche and track they intend to pursue. Understanding the intricacies of the process, beginning with the school search and continuing through to discussing possible employment, provides each applicant a venue to ask questions which a typical counselor may not have answers for.

Beyond these tactical advantages, Jennifer has honed the craft of essay writing. She is able to provide candidates with different perspectives and concrete feedback based upon relationships with other college admissions counselors and extensive industry training.

Area of Expertise

Admissions process, essay writing, standardized testing strategy, education, and public policy.

A little more in-depth:

What I like most about being a Stratus Consultant:

That every client is unique and makes me think outside of the box to provide individualized services that are specifically tailored to his or her personal needs.

One piece of advice I would share with someone who is applying to college or graduate school:

Applicants should know their “Why.” “Why” is why are they going to college, “Why” are they pursuing that particular field of study? It is important to make sure the “Why” is their own.

Highlight or greatest accomplishment while working with Stratus:

While working with a candidate for graduate admissions to teacher education programs, I faced a tough task of narrowing the applicant’s pool of choices from thirteen to five schools to which she would apply. Through careful questioning and getting to know the applicant’s passions in education, I was able to help her narrow the list. From there, success continued in our relationship because of the degree to which I knew the candidate. I was able to ensure that her essays portrayed an accurate picture of who she was beyond her transcript. This resulted in her admissions to her top choice, USC Rossier School of Education. Without having that personal connection, I could have easily critiqued her writing, but I would not have been able to help her infuse a part of her persona into each carefully selected word. The greatest service Stratus provides is being able to provide answers when our clients, at times, are unsure of the questions they should be asking.

3 Random Facts:

– I was an ice skater for ten years.
– I have three children – two of whom are twins!
– I was once a bat girl for the New York Yankees.