Jennifer Jackson

MBA Admissions Counselor
Academic Background

Northwestern University, BSJ
Harvard Business School, MBA

Work Experience

For four years out of Northwestern (where she attended the Medill School of Journalism while minoring in political science and French), Jennifer worked at Edelman Public Relations, where she focused on communication strategies to help clients project their best image to the world.

At Harvard, Jennifer was part of the Women’s Student Association where she participated in an end-of-semester project on post-merger integration.

After completing her MBA, Jennifer joined Hewitt Associates, a human resources consulting firm, where she specialized in working with clients to improve attraction, motivation, and retention of employees. She collaborated on a small international team that designed and rolled out a new consulting offer to consultants worldwide.

Outside of her formal work experience, Jennifer was part of a team working for later high school start times in her children’s school district. She also led a Girl Scout troop for eight years, where she really enjoyed working with each girl to help her bring out her best.

Area of Expertise

Writing, editing, coaching, mentoring, and human resources consulting.

A little more in-depth

What I like most about being a Stratus MBA Admissions Counselor:

I love having the chance to work with applicants to discover what makes them unique and how that can be conveyed in their applications. Sometimes it takes a while to unearth the most interesting nuggets, but they’re always there!

One piece of advice I would share with someone who is applying to business school:

Make sure not to shortchange the process by speeding through the pre-writing phase or skipping steps along the way. It’s the act of digging deep that illuminates not only who the candidate is, but also where they’re going and why an MBA is the only next step to get there.

3 Random Facts:

– I rode a yak in China.
– I covered a space shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center for Florida Today newspaper.
– I took a round-the-world trip right before business school.