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8 Tips for Chinese Female MBA Applicants

There are more women from China in the MBA pipeline than from anywhere else in the world. In 2017, the Graduate Management Admissions Council reported that 46,274 women in China took the GMAT, representing a whopping 67% of all Chinese GMAT testers. Additionally, the mean GMAT score sent to MBA programs from all Chinese test… View Article

Finance to MBA: 5 Valuation Tips

Finance is one of the largest industries that business schools draw from. And I mean “finance” in the broadest possible terms, including corporate finance, investment banking, private equity, asset management, and others. MBA admissions committees like candidates with experience in finance. The flip side is that competition for a place at top MBA programs is… View Article

CPA to MBA: Conduct a Pre-Business School Audit

Every year, thousands of young accounting and audit professionals apply to top MBA programs. Having a CPA or having been promoted multiple times after successful client engagements is not sufficient to secure a seat in a top program. Here are 8 areas for assessment and potential repositioning as you prepare to apply to business school…. View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: The Most Important Sale of Your Life – Getting into Business School

While banking, consulting, engineering and marketing have always been feeders to MBA programs, one key business function, sales, never has been. There are probably a bunch of reasons for this. First and foremost it is that progressing in a sales career doesn’t require business school. It requires…more sales. Also, as anyone who has ever worked… View Article

Marketing Role to MBA: 7 Easy Tips to Get Accepted

More and more candidates with a marketing background are applying to top MBA programs, and the competition to land a spot at a coveted program gets fiercer every year. How can you capitalize on your background in marketing to submit the strongest possible applications? Below are 7 tips to consider as you pull together all… View Article

4 Simple Strategies for Consultants Applying to MBA Programs

Let’s face it – we all know it is tough to get into the top programs. Last year, Harvard accepted only 1 in 10 applications it reviewed. The climb to the top can be even tougher when you have to distinguish yourself amongst the many other applicants who ALSO come from Consulting. Last year, consultants… View Article

Applying for an MBA with a Nonprofit Background (Part 2)

MBA programs bring together future leaders from diverse backgrounds. If you’re applying from a nonprofit background, it can be challenging to figure out how to position your experience for the MBA application. In our last post, we discussed connecting your post-MBA career goals with your experience in the nonprofit space. Now we will share some… View Article

Applying for an MBA with a Nonprofit Background (Part 1)

If you come from a nonprofit background, applying to MBA programs can be intimidating. Applicants that come from “traditional” MBA roles such as banking and consulting often have access to MBA alums to help them through the admissions process. If you come from a “non-traditional” role, you might not have easy access to that inside… View Article

Indian Engineers! Here are 6 Tips as You Consider ROI on an MBA

If you are a male Indian engineer contemplating business school, there are two things you must be thinking about. The first is: will I get in? And second: is it worth it? Regarding the first question, the answer is: it is hard. With the acceptance rate of most top ten MBA programs hovering at 15… View Article

Engineering to MBA: 8 Problems to Solve

As an engineer, you can bring problem solving ability to business, breaking down challenges, identifying root cause issues and developing innovative solutions. Often engineers and others with technical backgrounds look at an MBA to grow into management or leverage their technical skills to transition to another industry or function within their current industry. Problem #1:… View Article