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Applying for an MBA with a Nonprofit Background (Part 2)

MBA programs bring together future leaders from diverse backgrounds. If you’re applying from a nonprofit background, it can be challenging to figure out how to position your experience for the MBA application. In our last post, we discussed connecting your post-MBA career goals with your experience in the nonprofit space. Now we will share some… View Article

Applying for an MBA with a Nonprofit Background (Part 1)

If you come from a nonprofit background, applying to MBA programs can be intimidating. Applicants that come from “traditional” MBA roles such as banking and consulting often have access to MBA alums to help them through the admissions process. If you come from a “non-traditional” role, you might not have easy access to that inside… View Article

Indian Engineers! Here are 6 Tips as You Consider ROI on an MBA

If you are a male Indian engineer contemplating business school, there are two things you must be thinking about. The first is: will I get in? And second: is it worth it? Regarding the first question, the answer is: it is hard. With the acceptance rate of most top ten MBA programs hovering at 15… View Article

Engineering to MBA: 8 Problems to Solve

As an engineer, you can bring problem solving ability to business, breaking down challenges, identifying root cause issues and developing innovative solutions. Often engineers and others with technical backgrounds look at an MBA to grow into management or leverage their technical skills to transition to another industry or function within their current industry. Problem #1:… View Article

MBA Candidates: How To Successfully Transition to a Healthcare Career

Healthcare is the leading producer of jobs in the United States, accounting for almost 16 million jobs as of the end of last year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s an industry that’s ripe with opportunities for driven individuals to excel. So how do you get your foot in the door? One of… View Article

5 Tips for Indian MBA Applicants to Build a Leadership Profile

Top US MBA programs value leadership which, for candidates with just a handful of years of work experience, frequently is a result of involvement with community organizations. While community engagement is engrained in American students, many international candidates struggle to present a strong leadership profile. While many Indian MBA candidates have outstanding GMAT scores and… View Article

5 Tips for Connecting With Your Dream MBA Program From India

Imagine sitting in your office in Mumbai at YES Bank or Wipro and thinking about how to catch the attention of your dream US MBA programs like Harvard, Chicago Booth, and Stanford. Then you realize it is more than 7,000 miles to get from Mumbai to Boston. Oh, and you have a big project due… View Article

Five Tips for Oil & Gas Professionals Applying to MBA Programs

Given the current state of the Oil & Gas industry, many professionals are looking to refocus their career into a less volatile field, others want to reform the industry from within. An MBA may be a good option either way. Why an MBA? The first questions you should ask yourself is why do you want… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Cornell Tech, The Best of All Worlds

How To Get Into Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business Learn How   What do you get when you combine a blue chip business school with a Nobel Prize winning foreign university? A piece of start-up nation in the middle of Silicon Alley? Technical know-how with Ivy League business sensibilities? Plus a $2 billion… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: NYU Stern – An Embarrassment of Choices

Many of us were applauding when earlier this year, NYU Stern unveiled two new one-year MBAs in Tech and Fashion & Luxury. With a tight focus on a single industry, and a duration of only one-year, Stern is bringing to the business school world a product that will serve many students well by being lower… View Article