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by Harold Simansky

Senior MBA Admissions Counselor

Harold Simansky

Before Stratus, Harold began his business career at Bain & Company, where he was a member of the Private Equity Group. His work there included investment deal generation, strategic due diligence and portfolio company acceleration. Following this, Harold took a more entrepreneurial road, starting four successful companies over the last dozen years. These endeavors have generally been focused on residential energy efficiency and the “green” home. His most recent company was a website and print magazine (yes, print!) devoted to healthy and sustainable homes. This company was successfully sold in February, 2015 to a regional media company.

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MBAnalysis: Meaningful Becoming Exceptional

In the previous blog post, I tried to give some guidance on what “exceptional” looks like in business school. And it probably isn’t you. Sorry. Next, the question becomes, how does the average person – who didn’t play professional sports, found their own company, or circumnavigate the globe –get in to a top MBA program?… View Article
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MBAnalysis: Cornell Tech, The Best of All Worlds

What do you get when you combine a blue chip business school with a Nobel Prize winning foreign university? A piece of start-up nation in the middle of Silicon Alley? Technical know-how with Ivy League business sensibilities? Plus a $2 billion glimmering new campus? You get the Cornell Tech MBA. An MBA program that takes… View Article

MBAnalysis: Your Mother was Wrong, You Really are Just Average

“Welcome to the MBA admissions process where all applicants can do math, all students speak fluent English, and all candidates are above average.” Garrison Keillor (sort of). In my last blog post, I wrote about weighing your chance of acceptance at a top program if you were an average candidate. I really put the emphasis… View Article
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MBAnalysis Blog: Business School Acceptance Rates – What Are My Chances?

“So What Are My Chances?” Is the most pressing question every MBA applicant is thinking about as they start the business school admissions process. Sometimes it is asked outright, sometimes it is just hinted at, and sometimes it is not asked at all. But it is always there. And we, at Stratus, know that’s what… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Loving Private Equity? Hack an MBA (Part 2 of 3)

As noted in my previous blog, a credible MBA applicant doesn’t just say they want to go into “private equity” but knows exactly what type of private equity. To answer this question, you first need to understand private equities’ different flavors. Some types of private equity are easier to understand than others. GEOGRAPHY Some private… View Article
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MBAnalysis Blog: Loving Private Equity? Hack an MBA (Part 1 of 3)

“I want to go into private equity’” … ding, ding, ding…drink! Remember that old drinking game from college when you were say, watching Survivor, and Jeff Probst would say, “Here we go” and then everyone would take a shot? That’s how I sometimes feel when applicants tell me about their desire to get a job… View Article
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MBAnalysis Blog: Excited to be a Product Manager? Take a look at this!

Joining the ranks of a growing list of one-year Masters Programs, including the recently announced NYU Tech MBA and the now firmly established Cornell Tech MBA, is Carnegie Mellon’s Master of Science in Product Management (MSPM). This joint effort between the Tepper School of Business and Carnegie Mellon University‘s School of Computer Science is focused… View Article