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by Harold Simansky

Senior MBA Admissions Counselor

Harold Simansky

Before Stratus, Harold began his business career at Bain & Company, where he was a member of the Private Equity Group. His work there included investment deal generation, strategic due diligence and portfolio company acceleration. Following this, Harold took a more entrepreneurial road, starting four successful companies over the last dozen years. These endeavors have generally been focused on residential energy efficiency and the “green” home. His most recent company was a website and print magazine (yes, print!) devoted to healthy and sustainable homes. This company was successfully sold in February, 2015 to a regional media company.

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MBAnalysis: 6 Things that Stop the MBA Admissions Clock

If you are reading this article you are probably bleary eyed, as the last minutes to submission deadlines are upon you. For some of you this may mean the light at the end of the tunnel, while for others it may mean a train is bearing down on you. So as the light gets closer,… View Article

MBAnalysis: MBA Videos – To Do or Not To Do? That is the Question

One question I am frequently asked by candidates who have the option of submitting a video or writing an essay is, “Which should I choose?” (Of course, some of the time it is not an option, you have to do a video.) But if you DO have the choice, here are some things to think… View Article

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MBAnalysis: So How Long Does It Really Take? 100 Days!

One of the questions we get most frequently here at Stratus is “How long does it take to apply to business school?” My usual answer is, “How long do you have?” Of course, this is a joke but as deadlines for business schools start arriving, this question becomes critical for many applicants. Obviously, there is… View Article

MBAnalysis: Round and Round We Go – A Timetable for Applying to Business School

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In the last blog post, we discussed those schools that are “big enough to be small,” meaning that due to their overwhelming size there is always a group of like-minded people to come together around a shared interest or professional goal. So if there is “big enough to be small” school is there “small enough… View Article

MBAnalysis: Big Enough to be Small?

When you watch basketball, you will sometimes hear a commentator talk about a player, “playing big.” What this means is that though the player may be physically small they take on roles that usually players of their size just don’t do. As aficionados of the NBA know, the classic example is Charles Barkley. Though only… View Article