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MBAnalysis Blog: 5 Things I Am Thankful For…With My Business School Applications

As we all settle down to celebrate the greatest of all-American holidays and give thanks, now is not a bad time to take a different look at the business school applications you are working on. Sure, the application process can be a bear, but there may just be a few reasons to be grateful. 1…. View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: MBA R1 Limbo – How to Reach Out to AdCom

(Today’s MBAnalysis blog post is guest-written by Donna Bauman) The chat rooms have been blowing up these past few weeks as many top MBA programs began to offer interview invitations. All your friends got a decision, but you have not heard a thing yet. This is more common than you think, as some candidates are… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Crazy Times for a WI MBA – 5 Reasons to Go!

In the course of less than two weeks, the University of Wisconsin School of Business has gone from making plans to shutter its full-time MBA program to embracing it. Specifically, on October 25, Dean Anne P. Massey committed to “strengthening the full-time MBA experience.” This was in sharp contrast to a report by The Wall… View Article

Applying for an MBA with a Nonprofit Background (Part 2)

MBA programs bring together future leaders from diverse backgrounds. If you’re applying from a nonprofit background, it can be challenging to figure out how to position your experience for the MBA application. In our last post, we discussed connecting your post-MBA career goals with your experience in the nonprofit space. Now we will share some… View Article

Applying for an MBA with a Nonprofit Background (Part 1)

If you come from a nonprofit background, applying to MBA programs can be intimidating. Applicants that come from “traditional” MBA roles such as banking and consulting often have access to MBA alums to help them through the admissions process. If you come from a “non-traditional” role, you might not have easy access to that inside… View Article

Indian Engineers! Here are 6 Tips as You Consider ROI on an MBA

If you are a male Indian engineer contemplating business school, there are two things you must be thinking about. The first is: will I get in? And second: is it worth it? Regarding the first question, the answer is: it is hard. With the acceptance rate of most top ten MBA programs hovering at 15… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Four Tips as You Consider ROI on an MBA

For many business school candidates, the issue of ROI on your MBA is paramount. After all, why pay a huge amount for a degree that isn’t going to pay off financially? While I appreciate the question, I find it overly simplistic; particularly as you are about to make a potentially life-altering decision. So, let’s dig… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Doppelgänger MBA Programs – If You Liked X, You May Like Y

How do you “fit”? Whether it is about you liking a school or a school liking you (to the point that they accept you), the question of fit is one that should always be top-of-mind for any applicant. Do you like a school’s teaching style? The focus of the curriculum? The location? Are these your… View Article