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MBAnalysis Blog: MBA Ding Analysis or Why You Didn’t Get In

Just about the same time every year, we get an influx of new clients looking for a “ding analysis,” meaning helping them figure out why they were rejected from all their top schools. Generally, this process isn’t quite as hard as you might think because there are some obvious spots in the application process where… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Valentine’s Day Special – Best MBA Programs for Finding a Life Partner

As Valentine’s Day bears down upon us, this is not a bad time to look at business school through a different lens, like which school you might want to attend if you’re looking for a life partner. Not exactly something the US News or Financial Times consider when they make their rankings, but in the… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: 6 Things to Consider When Selecting an MBA Admissions Consultant

Getting an MBA is possibly one of the biggest investments of your life. As you ponder a hundred-thousand-dollar-plus investment, there is likely to be a realization that you cannot do something as important as this on your own. While friends or colleagues may help, rarely do they have the expertise to move the needle much… View Article

Financial Times: Stanford Regains the Top MBA Ranking Spot

by Jonathan Moules The business school’s all-round success is closely linked with that of Silicon Valley Excerpt with Stratus Admissions Counseling expert insight: The battle for places at Stanford means the school can exercise a degree of selectivity its peers can only aspire to match, according to Susan Cera, a director at Stratus Admissions Counseling…. View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Round 3? Four things to think about

Now that Round 2 MBA submission deadlines have passed, you may start wondering if a Round 3 application is worthwhile. Anyone who has read my blogs knows that I am particularly down on applying R3. After all, what have you been doing until now? By applying so late, what are you communicating to the school?… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: 5 MBA Interview Do’s and 5 Don’ts (Part 2)

So, you have been lucky enough to be invited to interview by your top choice MBA program. Congratulations! Your chances of being accepted have just risen from maybe 15% to roughly 50%. While you now have a great opportunity to cement your candidacy, here are some things NOT to do during an interview; things that… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: 5 MBA Interview Do’s and 5 Don’ts (Part 1)

The first hurdle business school applicants have to cross is getting an interview. And at some schools that is nearly impossible. At Harvard Business School, for example, roughly 20% of applicants get to meet with an admissions committee member directly to plead their case. But if you are one of the lucky few who do… View Article

Poets & Quants: Why EQ Matters In Your B-School Application

by Nathan Allen Stratus Admissions Counseling is as an expert source in this article.  It was 1990 when researchers from the University of New Hampshire and Yale coined the term “emotional intelligence.” About a decade later, Daniel Goleman, a Rutgers University psychologist, wrote about the importance of emotional intelligence (popularly known as EQ, which stands for… View Article

Financial Times: Business Schools Clamp Down On Ghostwritten Applications

by Jonathan Moules New strategies seek to root out suspect references and admissions essays Excerpt with Stratus Admissions Counseling expert insight: “Admissions committees reach out to applicants with quick and easy questions via email and look at the writing in the email response to see if it matches what is in the essays,” Ms Cera… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Last Minute MBA Application? 8 Crazy Things To Think About

With about two weeks to go before deadlines come fast and furious some of you may start thinking about more schools to which to apply. This may be a product of not getting into your dream school, and now you want to pursue plan B. Or, hopefully, you have gotten into your target school and… View Article