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MBA vs MFE: 6 Tips to Help You Decide

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in finance, you may be overwhelmed by the graduate program options. Two of the most common paths are an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) with a concentration/specialization in Finance and a MFE (Master’s in Financial Engineering), which is also less commonly designated as a Masters in Financial Mathematics…. View Article

Urgent Policy Meeting! – An MPP Thought Experiment

Picture an urgent meeting in the Oval Office. A vigorous conversation is underway, and it includes this cast of characters: The President The Chief of Staff (responsible for ensuring that the president’s decisions are delegated to the right people and executed skillfully) A Senior Counselor/Strategist (someone who knows the president well and can offer personal support… View Article

3 Tips for Applying to MPP Programs

There’s no shortage of great guidance out there about applying to business or law programs. (Stratus provides such guidance on our business and law school blogs.) When it comes to MPP programs, however, there’s a lot less information on the web, so it can be hard to know which questions to ask and how to… View Article

5 Ways To Be A Compelling MPP Candidate

Applying to an MPP program means assembling a clear, compelling application that reflects what you value, what you’ve accomplished, and what you aim to do in the future. Here are five tips that can help your application make its mark. 1. Be Genuine. There’s only one you, so don’t pretend to be someone you’re not!… View Article

Considering an MPP or MPA? Questions to Ask Before Applying

If you want to be president, you run for office. But what if you want to work FOR the president – or elsewhere in the government or nonprofit worlds? Increasingly, a master’s level public policy degree can make the difference. Usually, that means either an MPP (Master of Public Policy) or MPA (Master of Public… View Article

5 Things You Should Know Before Applying to an MBA Program

The AIGAC Annual Conference that I attended this week explores the latest trends in the graduate application process. Whether you are considering an MBA, law or other advanced degree, considerable planning and resources are required to apply and then attend. Relationships between career demands, school curricula, and the admissions process were discussed during the conference’s… View Article

5 Steps to Your Best Grad School Recommendations

Learn how to obtain strong recommendation letters that can help you rise above others with similar scores or backgrounds. A recommendation is one of the more important parts of your grad school application. First-time enrollment in grad school is competitive and continues to be fierce. A ten-year long higher education study shows that the general… View Article

5 Tips on Great Grad School Recommendations

How to recognize the right recommenders. Grad School applications have risen in record numbers in the past few years.  A higher education study conducted from 2004-2014 showed a rise in enrollment by over 150,000 students. Last year, over 2 million people applied to grad school in the US. There is no wonder why. Applying to… View Article