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MBAnalysis: Inside Names and Outside Names; Names I Love

When I was in high school, every night I would call my friend, Kenny Chin, to go over the homework. Yes, it was every night. I would always ask, “Is Kenny there?”  At that point, I would hear his mother yell the Chinese version of his name (which I can no longer remember, let alone… View Article

Chicago Business Journal: 5 MBA Application Strategies for Booth and Kellogg

by Jeff Thomas, Stratus Admissions Counseling CEO Chicago is home to two of the nation’s top 20 MBA programs, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Booth) and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Kellogg). The Booth and Kellogg classes of 2018 have low admit rates of 23 percent and approximately 20 percent, respectively,… View Article

5 Business School Application Hacks to Improve Admissions Potential to Top Schools

The business school applications process is a rigorous and intimidating triathlon of sorts, a multi-stage event requiring endurance, speed, and keen strategy. Moreover, it requires a tri-athlete’s ability to separate oneself from the herd of sharp-elbowed competitors. Rejected from your top choice MBA program? Don’t give up! We can help. Stratus Application Analysis package is… View Article

6 Planning Tips for Business School Visits

There is no better way to get to know an MBA program (and for an MBA program to get to know you) than a campus visit. But, before you book flights around the country, here are 6 things to know. Start the conversation right. The school visit is an opportunity for you to get to… View Article

How to Respond to the Chicago Booth Essay Prompts

Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Essay Questions can be intimidating to some applicants. Here’s how to answer them to distinguish yourself from your peers. As Chicago Booth continues to evolve from its reputation as solely a quantitative finance-oriented school, it has once again opted for an open-ended presentation-based essay question. The undetermined nature of Booth’s essay… View Article

5 Myths About Applying to Top MBA Programs, Busted!

As you begin the arduous process of putting together your MBA applications, you might wonder which of the conventional wisdom you hear from your friends or read on the Internet is actually true. Many times different sources lead you in different directions causing additional angst. Here are a few of the most common perceptions of… View Article

Top 7 Steps All MBA Applicants Should Be Taking Now

Much as the old adage describes, “complacency breeds mediocrity,” so too does complacency breed middling applications. Take the following timely steps in May to position yourself for MBA application success. 1. Answer these three questions: Why an MBA? Why now? Why that particular school? We cannot stress enough the importance of being able to answer… View Article

Top 7 Steps All MBA Applicants Should Be Taking in April

April is the start of April showers and another MBA application season that will last until October. While October may seem awfully far away to begin the process, most successful candidates applying to the top business schools invariably start their submissions at least six months before they are due. Here are seven steps you should… View Article