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The Four Guiding Principles of Berkeley-Haas

It’s a new year for MBA admissions and there are new Haas essays! This time, you have fewer words (only 800) than last year to tell your story. The first thing you have to remember is be neat and tidy. More importantly though is your need to demonstrate how you embrace the four defining principles… View Article

MBAnalysis: Inside Names and Outside Names; Names I Love

When I was in high school, every night I would call my friend, Kenny Chin, to go over the homework. Yes, it was every night. I would always ask, “Is Kenny there?”  At that point, I would hear his mother yell the Chinese version of his name (which I can no longer remember, let alone… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Feel Like a Rocket at UCLA Anderson School of Management

Name that Los Angeles organization that has taken off like a rocket? If you guessed Snapchat, you’d be … wrong.  In fact, since its IPO, its stock price has fallen by a few dollars.  A better guess is the Los Angeles Dodgers, though they are hardly rockets as they remain in third place in the… View Article

MBAnalysis Blog: Does “Size Matter” When Getting an MBA?

When asked why one business school is not like the other, most applicants will talk about things like scores, job placement, industries that grads go into, location, weather, and a few other things. What prospective applicants are less likely to mention is class size. This is always surprising to me, because out of all the… View Article

These 4 Important Principles are Critical When Writing the Berkeley-Haas Essay

Understand the four key principles UC Berkeley-Haas looks for in the essays of MBA applicants. Berkeley-Haas has a very close-knit, student-driven and collaborative culture. The school values innovative leaders who embody the four key principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence without Attitude, Student Always and Beyond Yourself. While you want to keep these concepts in… View Article