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Once you choose an image, decide the medium that you are most comfortable with. If you are the creative type, a presentation might be the way to go. Strong writers might choose an essay.

Demonstrate through pictures and words how great a match Booth is for you and you for Booth. While some of you may be squeamish to include pictures of yourself, don’t be. Let your light shine in this essay and don’t be afraid to keep it fun and personal!

Choosing an Image

When choosing an image, you will want to select a picture that you are excited about and will allow you to get your message across without too much “shape shifting.” Remember, Booth greatly values a collaborative community, and wants to admit students who will be assets to their community inside and outside of the classroom. Conveying a humble attitude through your images and words cannot be overstated. Here are some other things to think about.

Be Authentic

Booth wants to get a sense of who you are beyond the transcripts and test scores, so it’s important to present creatively and in a visual way. After selecting an image, explain how this represents how you will connect with the Booth community. For example, if you love dance, maybe include a picture of yourself performing, and then take it one step further and talk about your hope of joining the Booth Dance Club.

Connect with Booth

One of the key attributes Booth is looking for is leadership, so find a picture to highlight your leadership skills. Have you led teams in the past? What kind of a leader are you and what type do you aspire to be? What will YOU lead at Booth – student organizations, treks, community outreach programs? Do the research to figure this out. And find a picture to match.

Share Details

The more specific you can make this the better, and be sure to include images of yourself in action along with descriptive captions. Share images from exotic trips you have taken. Highlight volunteer experiences. Include how you have involved yourself communities you have been part of. Demonstrate academic or professional success. Think about how.

Connect with the Image

Don’t just pick an image and share your story. You need to draw out why the image resonates with you. Can you see yourself in the crowded, light-filled Harper Center? What is the context you imagine when you place yourself at Booth? Alternatively, might being in the company of new Booth classmates you have grown to trust make being surrounded by sharks less scary? Perhaps the dancers’ hand hold represents commitment to engaging with others and providing support? How have you supported others in the past? How might you engage with classmates and community at Booth?

One warning: be sure not to let this essay turn into a photo montage of you skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. After all, this is not just about you. It is about you AND Booth.

(Top image by Online Photography Trainers, Smart)

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