About Harold Simansky

Senior MBA Admissions Counselor

Before Stratus, Harold began his business career at Bain & Company, where he was a member of the Private Equity Group. His work there included investment deal generation, strategic due diligence and portfolio company acceleration. Following this, Harold took a more entrepreneurial road, starting four successful companies over the last dozen years. These endeavors have generally been focused on residential energy efficiency and the “green” home. His most recent company was a website and print magazine (yes, print!) devoted to healthy and sustainable homes. This company was successfully sold in February, 2015 to a regional media company.

Articles written for Stratus Prep:

MBAnalysis Blog: Are You REALLY Applying Round 2?

With almost exactly a month until those Round 2 deadlines start coming fast and furious, NOW is the time to decide if you really are in good enough shape to submit a great application to your top choice MBA program. Just to give you some dates, from January 3 to the 24th some thirty schools… View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: 5 Things I Am Thankful For…With My Business School Applications

As we all settle down to celebrate the greatest of all-American holidays and give thanks, now is not a bad time to take a different look at the business school applications you are working on. Sure, the application process can be a bear, but there may just be a few reasons to be grateful. 1…. View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: Crazy Times for a WI MBA – 5 Reasons to Go!

In the course of less than two weeks, the University of Wisconsin School of Business has gone from making plans to shutter its full-time MBA program to embracing it. Specifically, on October 25, Dean Anne P. Massey committed to “strengthening the full-time MBA experience.” This was in sharp contrast to a report by The Wall… View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: Four Tips as You Consider ROI on an MBA

For many business school candidates, the issue of ROI on your MBA is paramount. After all, why pay a huge amount for a degree that isn’t going to pay off financially? While I appreciate the question, I find it overly simplistic; particularly as you are about to make a potentially life-altering decision. So, let’s dig… View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: Doppelgänger MBA Programs – If You Liked X, You May Like Y

How do you “fit”? Whether it is about you liking a school or a school liking you (to the point that they accept you), the question of fit is one that should always be top-of-mind for any applicant. Do you like a school’s teaching style? The focus of the curriculum? The location? Are these your… View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: Plan B – 5 Things to Think About

As Round 1 MBA decisions start rolling in, both in terms of admits and invitations to interview, now is the time to think about a Plan B, including MBA programs that you now wish to target for Round 2. Let me begin by reassuring you that there is time to create a compelling application for… View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: A Nobel Prize for Being (a) Different (Applicant)

On Monday, Richard Thaler of Chicago Booth got the early morning call to say he had just won the Nobel Prize in Economics. For Professor Thaler, this was an honor long over-due, having already established himself as a ground-breaking thinker in that crazy world of behavioral economics; a world in which people are no longer… View Article

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MBAnalysis: You’re Just Not Their Type

Do business schools have “types?” Meaning, are there shared characteristics that are common among all students? The short answer is yes. But it is more nuanced than that. What you think is their type may not be their type at all. So how does this play itself out? The most mundane way is that most… View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: Congrats on Submitting your MBA Application – What To Do Next? (Part 2)

Congratulations again on successfully submitting your Round 1 MBA applications. It is not an easy process and you deserve a lot of credit for getting them in on time. For many of you, now is the time to start preparing for your MBA interviews; we have provided you with some interview in yesterday’s blog. While… View Article

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MBAnalysis Blog: Congrats on Submitting your MBA Application – What To Do Next? (Part 1)

Kudos to all of you who successfully got your Round 1 MBA applications in on time! For some of you that may have meant some late nights polishing your essays, fumbling through the online applications, and bugging your recommenders. For others, it may have been more of a leisurely stroll to the finish line. In… View Article

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