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Grad Essay Package Details

Provides support with outlining, drafting, and revising Personal Statement

Provides 3 Strategist reviews of your Personal Statement:

  • Review 1. Primary Consultant review – someone with 2 years admissions experience who is working with you exclusively.
  • Review 2. Senior Strategist review – someone with 5 years admissions experience who provides a simulated admissions committee experience
  • Review 3. Secondary Reader – someone with minimum of 2 years experience who is an alum or very familiar with the specific school who provides feedback on cultural and profile fit

Provides Qualified Proofreading for both Personal Statement and resume

Why Stratus Prep

With Stratus Prep, you don’t just work closely with an experienced admissions consultant to optimize every part of your graduate school application.

You work with an entire team of graduate school admissions specialists who provide extensive feedback throughout the process.

From crafting your essays to conducting mock interviews, this team-based approach can help you win a seat at your dream graduate school, including Master’s degrees and PhD programs.

Custom packages are also available. Contact us for details.
Number of Schools Cost
One School $4,000
Two Schools $5,250
Three Schools $6,500
Four Schools $7,750
Five Schools $9,000
Six Schools $10,000
Seven Schools $11,000
Eight Schools $12,000
Nine Schools $13,000
Ten Schools $14,000
Hourly Rate (5 hour minimum) $250/hr
Interview Prep (4 1-hour interviews) $1,000