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Learn how Stratus’s “We’re All In” team approach gets you into your top choice undergraduate school.

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At Stratus, we know your time is valuable. You may be asking “why should I spend 30 minutes of my time speaking to an expert strategist?” The answer is this: we make it all about YOU. Your goals. Your profile. Your experience. This is an opportunity for us to explore your background and start to help you cultivate a plan of action to get you into your top-choice college. Use the nearby form to schedule a free consultation with an admissions specialist.

The Stratus Team Approach

With Stratus Admissions Counseling, you don’t just work closely with an experienced admissions counselor to optimize every part of your college application.

You work with a team of undergraduate school admissions specialists who provide extensive feedback throughout the entire process.

From crafting your essays to helping you choose teachers for recommendations, this team-based approach ensures you stand out and get accepted into your dream school.


Stratus College Admissions Overview

We are with you every step along the college admissions process. Highlights include:

  • Work with your primary consultant and team to develop an admissions strategy.
  • Work together to create applications highlighting leadership in the classroom and on the field.
  • Receive help choosing senior classes that help maintain GPA but have the right amount of rigor.
  • Get suggestions for academic summer programs, lab work to enhance profile.
  • Begin work on essays and admissions process throughout the summer.

Stratus College Admissions Details

  Profile Evaluation

An academic and extracurricular assessment of you!

  Directed College Research

You will receive comprehensive help discovering and learning about potential schools for your list.

  School Visit Planning

You will learn when and how to visit schools, where to go and what to ask and what not to ask!

  Teacher Recommendation Guidance

Help choosing your recommender, how and when to ask them and what information to provide them

  Coordinated and Targeted School Selection

Together you will build a balanced college list that fits your profile perfectly and positions you for success!

  Application Strategy

Together you will use your school list to create an application timeline based on each college’s deadline.

  Essay: Brainstorming, Outlining, Drafting, Editing

You will work 1-on-1 with your consultant to find strong narrative threads and build them out into compelling essays over several iterations of essays going back-and-forth between you.

  Essay Reviews: Senior Strategist, Secondary Reader

Around the 3rd draft of each essay your primary consultant will send it for two separate reviews. The 1st review is by a senior strategist who provides a simulated adcom experience giving a neutral review. The 2nd review is by a consultant with school specific knowledge, often an alum, who provides cultural and institutional feedback for you and your primary consultant to fold into your essay.

  Professional Proofreader

When essays are finalized your primary consultant will send them to be proofed for grammar, flow, and typos to ensure you can submit with confidence!

  Interview Prep and Support

We have hundreds of real interview questions and provide you with virtual or in-person mock interviews.

  Financial Aid and Scholarship Guidance

We help you navigate the financial aid negotiation and can point you in the right direction on private scholarships.

  Waitlist Support and Matriculation Decision

We partner with you on your college process advising you through any waitlists, providing support and guidance to your ultimate matriculation decision at the RIGHT college for you!

College Admissions One-on-One

Your Primary Consultant works side-by-side with you through the pre application, application and post application stage of the college process. They are there to help you find the college that best fits your profile, the school where you can succeed!


The College Essay: Creating the Narrative

You will work 1-on-1 with your consultant to find strong narrative threads and build them out into compelling essays over several iterations of essays going back-and-forth between your consultant and you.

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