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Stratus Dream Team Approach

With Stratus Admissions Counseling, you don’t just work closely with one experienced MBA admissions counselor to optimize every part of your application.

You work with an entire team of specialists who provide extensive feedback throughout the application process.

From reflecting on your past experiences and identifying programs that will move you towards your goals to crafting your essays and conducting mock interviews, Stratus’ team-based approach ensures you stand out and get accepted into your dream business school. We guarantee it.*

We have clients who have been admitted to every top MBA program year after year since 2006.


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8 Steps in the Stratus Admissions Counseling Process

In order to maximize your chance of being accepted by your dream MBA program, our talented and experienced team of MBA admissions counselors will guide you through every step of the process.

Introspection and
Strategy Building
School Selection
Essay Outlining
and Editing
Resume and
Application Support
School Specific Reviews
and Proofreading
1. Introspection and Strategy Building

Your Primary Counselor will guide you through our proprietary brainstorming and introspection process to identify areas of strength from all aspects of your life: academic, professional and personal. This process includes helping you articulate your goals and create a Personal MBA Strategy to achieve them. A Senior Strategist meets with you and your Primary Counselor to review your plan and delivers feedback from a second, extremely qualified, perspective. We are planning a road map that will affect the next five years of your life and well beyond. It is important for you to consider your trajectory from multiple vantage points in order to most effectively position yourself for your desired outcomes.

2. School Selection

Your Primary Counselor leverages our MBA Admissions Counseling team’s insight and expertise to help you identify programs that are aligned with your goals, values and test scores. If interested, we can introduce our school selection survey as a resource to help get your thoughts flowing. We encourage candidates to apply to a mix of stretch, target and safety schools.

3. Essay Outlining and Editing

Your Primary Counselor coaches you through essay outlines to nail down the structure for a compelling narrative for each program. We ensure that each story resonates fully with who you are as a candidate (from your Personal MBA Strategy), and how your profile connects with each MBA program’s own unique culture. Your Senior Strategist will again join the discussion to provide detailed feedback on your outlines before you proceed with your first drafts. Stratus will also ensure that your outlines resonate with the culture of the school, via insights that our team shares. You will work with your Primary Counselor to edit each essay to hone its content, ensuring that you answer the prompt directly and completely.

4. Resume and Application Support

We provide example resumes and work with you to create an MBA-ready document that aligns with your strategy. Your Primary Counselor will assist with crafting any short answer responses to ensure that we’ve left no stone unturned in communicating why you are a perfect fit for each program.

5. Recommender Guidance

Your Primary Counselor will help you to identify the best individuals to support your applications through recommendations. We will work with you to provide each recommender with the appropriate information about your school selection and strategy to ensure the strongest recommendations possible. In the event that your current supervisor is not writing a recommendation, we will help with crafting an optional essay to explain your recommender selection.

6. School Specific Reviews and Proofreading

To complement the thorough outlining and drafting guidance your Primary Counselor provides, each set of essays is reviewed by a School Specific Reader who provides both strategic and stylistic feedback as they relate to tone, as well as the school’s culture and values. A qualified proofreader then reads the finalized drafts to catch any typographical or grammatical errors to ensure that the essays are ready for submission.

7. Interview Preparation

We coach you through the MBA interview process by sharing our insider knowledge, providing you with school specific interview tips, sharing sample questions with guidance on how to craft your responses, and providing mock interviews and feedback.

8. Post-Decision Support

When admissions decisions are in, we guide you in deciding which program you should attend based on all of the factors that will affect your future: occupational, financial, cultural, geographical and any other areas that are important to you. Your Primary Counselor will also assist you with scholarship offer negotiations. In the event you are waitlisted, your Primary Counselor will help you develop and implement your waitlist strategy.

MBA Admissions Counseling
Packages & Pricing

*Stratus 4+ School Guarantee: While Stratus cannot guarantee admission to a specific business school, Stratus can guarantee that when working with our industry-leading admissions counseling team, each application will be maximized to increase chances of admission. Because we are confident in our ability to achieve success in partnership with our clients, if by chance one of our applicants does not gain admission into at least one of the schools in a package of four or more schools, we will work with the applicant for free on up to the same number of schools the following year. Applicants must use this guarantee within one year of learning of the admission decisions. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.