MBA Admissions Counseling
Packages & Pricing

Stratus offers the following MBA admissions counseling packages:

Comprehensive Counseling
Hourly Admissions Counseling
Targeted Admissions Counseling

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Comprehensive Counseling Packages

At Stratus Admissions, our “We’re All In” approach means that every counselor at Stratus is encouraged to leverage the collective experience of our team to push you to prepare the best applications that you can. Your Primary Counselor, who holds an MBA from a top program, will guide you through our proven methodology and bring in other team members at key points throughout the process. Building on decades of coaching and admissions committee experience, your Primary Counselor will work to motivate you, keep your applications on track, and make choices that will impact you for the rest of your life.

Premium Package: Work with one of our most seasoned and decorated Senior MBA Counselors as your Primary Counselor.

Standard Package

1 School: $4,650

2 Schools: $5,850

3 Schools: $6,950

4 Schools: $7,950

5 Schools: $8,950

6 Schools: $9,950

School Add-On: $1,395

Premium Package

1 School: $5,950

2 Schools: $7,750

3 Schools: $9,350

4 Schools: $10,750

5 Schools: $11,950

6 Schools: $13,050

School Add-on: $1,995

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Custom packages are also available. Contact us for details.

Hourly Admissions Counseling

Standard Package

Hourly Rate: $295

Purchase 5 hours: $1,475

Purchase 10 hours: $2,750

Premium Package

Hourly rate: $395

Purchase 5 hours: $1,900

Purchase 10 hours: $3,700

Targeted Admissions Counseling Packages

MBA Ding Analysis Package

Most business schools do not provide insight on why they did not offer you admission. If you did not get in this year, a Stratus MBA Admissions Counselor will review your entire application (academic transcript, test scores, resume, essays, short answer questions, and recommendation letters, if available) and provide written feedback to highlight actionable areas of opportunity.

The package culminates in a 30-minute phone or Skype conversation with the MBA Admissions Counselor to discuss written feedback and answer any questions.

If a candidate purchases a comprehensive package within five business days following a Ding Analysis, the amount paid will be credited towards purchase.


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MBA Early Edge

Our MBA Early Edge Package is designed for candidates who are not applying to business school in the current admissions cycle. Counselors will work closely with the applicant to identify ways to strengthen their profile (academics and quantitative readiness, work experience, leadership opportunities, community involvement, recommender relationships, global exposure).

The MBA Counselor will deliver the MBA Early Edge Plan to highlight areas for growth. The counselor will provide ongoing feedback to ensure that the candidate is well-positioned to apply in a future application cycle.

Standard – $1,595

Premium – $1,995

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The best preparation for a challenge is a simulation. Participate in a live session facilitated by one of our Wharton counselors to simulate the discussion that you will encounter at Wharton. Includes a guide to the Wharton team-based discussion, a one-hour simulation, and a 1:1 feedback session (30 minutes) with the counselor that conducts your session.


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Interview Prep

Stratus Admissions’ Interview Prep Package includes a school interview guide, preparation with a counselor (45 minutes), a mock interview (45 minutes), and a 1:1 feedback session (30 minutes) with your dedicated Stratus Counselor.


HBS Interview Follow-up Essay

Add $150 to the Interview Prep package to receive robust written feedback to your follow-up essay.

MIT Interview Pre-Interview Essay

Add $150 to the Interview Prep package to receive a robust written feedback on your pre-interview essay.

Per School Add-on

Add additional business schools to your interview prep package for $395 per school. Includes additional school guide, mock interview and feedback session.

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