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At Stratus, we match you with a Primary Counselor who will provide you with the BEST opportunity to get into the business school of your dreams. Your counselor will do more than help you with your application; he or she will be your mentor throughout the process. In addition, an MBA Strategist will provide feedback at key points in the process to ensure you get insight from multiple experienced perspectives. Our MBA admissions team has representation from virtually all of the top 20 MBA programs so each set of essays gets a ‘blind read’ by a School Specific Reviewer which mimics an admissions committee read of your file. Finally, your Client Relationship Manager will provide the highest level of service to ensure our services meet your individual needs. Stratus’ proven team-based approach has helped thousands of clients gain acceptance into top MBA programs around the world.

We are a team of thoughtful and experienced coaches who have graduated from top business schools. We have experience across a variety of functions, industries and geographies. We are former admissions officers at top business schools who have reviewed over 10,000 applications.  We are mentors, professional coaches and strategists. We share our experience and knowledge with each other. Most importantly, we are a team dedicated to YOUR success.

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