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40 Songs to Help You Write Your Common Application College Essay

School is starting in a few weeks; here at Stratus we are deep in Common Application writing mode.

Summer is winding down—I know I’m sorry about the bad news, just focus on the resurgence of sweater weather.

You should be writing or finished with your Common App Essay. It is advisable to be finished with your Common Application essay before school starts up again in the fall for a few reasons. This way you can focus on senior coursework, enjoy senior year activities, and have time to complete the other components of your college applications. During the fall you will need to fill out applications, gather your teacher recommendations, take remaining SAT/ACT exams, and write each school-specific college application essay.

The best way to work on your common application essay is by choosing a prompt that fits your profile and allows you to highlight your strengths. Then you need to brainstorm, draft, edit, revise and have a trusted person review at each step. This will require work and focus on your part, and also a quiet place to write. Remember that the best essays take time to write. You can’t rush this—and that’s why you need to block off enough time to do a good job.

Additionally, music can improve your productivity—especially if you like it—according to a 2014 study. So here at Stratus we’ve put together a playlist to help you write away the hours. It includes classic songs, new songs, and even video game music—which is known to help with concentration.

Consider it an end-of-summer/ beginning-of-sweater-weather gift from us:

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