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MBAnalysis: Meaningful Becoming Exceptional

In the previous blog post, I tried to give some guidance on what “exceptional” looks like in business school. And it probably isn’t you. Sorry. Next, the question becomes, how does the average person – who didn’t play professional sports, found their own company, or circumnavigate the globe –get in to a top MBA program?… View Article
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Five Tips for Oil & Gas Professionals Applying to MBA Programs

Given the current state of the Oil & Gas industry, many professionals are looking to refocus their career into a less volatile field, others want to reform the industry from within. An MBA may be a good option either way. Why an MBA? The first questions you should ask yourself is why do you want… View Article

U.S. News & World Report: You Don’t Need an Elite B-School for an MBA to Pay Off

by Farran Powell Stratus Admissions Counseling CEO Jeff Thomas is cited several times as an expert source in this story. Is an MBA worth it? U.S. News data show that there is a return at most ranked business schools. Most MBA applicants try to get into Harvard, Stanford or Wharton – commonly called HSW – to fast-track their careers. But whether you… View Article

The Do-Over: 5 Tips for Business School Reapplicants

If you did not get the news you wanted last year in the MBA Admissions process, you may be wondering how to approach the reapplication process. Once you have allowed yourself time to accept the disappointment, here are five tips for approaching this next application cycle to get the desired result. 1. Confirm Reapplicant Requirements…. View Article

MBAnalysis: Cornell Tech, The Best of All Worlds

What do you get when you combine a blue chip business school with a Nobel Prize winning foreign university? A piece of start-up nation in the middle of Silicon Alley? Technical know-how with Ivy League business sensibilities? Plus a $2 billion glimmering new campus? You get the Cornell Tech MBA. An MBA program that takes… View Article

The Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask When Considering An MBA

The MBA application process is a major life event. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby, job, move or pursuing an advanced degree, life events tend to raise the same handful of questions. These questions have several things in common, including expense, time, opportunity for growth, and lots of preparation. While new trends in MBA admissions… View Article

MIT Sloan on Top: Five Tips for Your MIT Sloan Cover Letter

It may just be the glory days of MIT Sloan. By sitting in the middle of the booming Boston economy, centered in the emerging world of biotech, leading a movement in sustainability, and sitting one block (yes, really one block) away from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more venture capital firms than you can count,… View Article