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What Roles Do “Diversity” and “Race” Play in College Admissions?

It’s important to note that colleges frame their efforts to create a more varied student body as “diversity” initiatives as opposed to “race” initiatives. This is because the term “diversity” is a much looser term, with “race” being just one aspect of it. In recent years there has been much debate in both the college… View Article
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How to Choose the Right Person to Write Your College Recommendation

Here’s how to get the best college recommendation letters from teachers, coaches, and extracurricular leaders. When you’re writing your essay prompts, you are answering questions based on your individual experiences – conversely, a recommendation is someone else writing about you from an outside perspective. As such, colleges use recommendations as a way to get a different… View Article
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Which Extracurricular Activities Help Your College Application Stand Out

Learn what colleges look for to differentiate students from the rest of the applicant pool and which activities are better than others. Colleges are looking for people who excel in multiple arenas, rather than in academics alone. The type of extracurricular activities you choose to do and how well you perform them is a good… View Article
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