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A Lesson at the Beginning of 1L

About a week into my first year of law school, I was sitting in the library preparing for contracts class. I opened my casebook and got to it. The assignment was very short: two cases, heavily abridged, totaling only five pages with notes. Reading cases, particularly at that point in one’s legal education, takes time,… View Article

Peccadillo – A Sin or a Good Deed?

Reading a personal statement recently, my eyebrows raised while reading the second sentence. The applicant used the word “peccadillo,” a word I hate to admit I didn’t know how to define. Encountering such an uncommon word, and one that was unfamiliar to me, led to the following thoughts: • Is this an instance of writing… View Article

MBA March Madness

March Madness is underway! While it is universally understood that basketball is the meaning of this, for many involved with MBA programs, there is a lot of madness in March! For those working on the admissions side, staffers are poring over thousands of applications to make R2 decisions. This is also the month that many… View Article

5 Business School Application Hacks to Improve Admissions Potential to Top Schools

The business school applications process is a rigorous and intimidating triathlon of sorts, a multi-stage event requiring endurance, speed, and keen strategy. Moreover, it requires a tri-athlete’s ability to separate oneself from the herd of sharp-elbowed competitors. Rejected from your top choice MBA program? Don’t give up! We can help. Stratus Application Analysis package is… View Article

Five Tips to Build your Quantitative Profile

Business schools want to admit candidates that they believe can withstand the quantitative rigor of an MBA program. Whether you are a non-traditional applicant with limited exposure to quant-focused work or someone who did not perform well in those courses as an undergrad, there is no need to beat yourself up over things that cannot… View Article

Law School Admissions First Steps: 3 Things You Can Do Now

Whether you’re applying in the upcoming admissions cycle or might wait until next year, if you’re committed to applying to law school, you can take the following steps toward submitting your applications right now. 1. LSAC Registrations The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) is the organization that manages all aspects of the law school application… View Article

Stratus Prep is Now Stratus Admissions Counseling

Name change reflects team-based focus on business, law and graduate school placement.
Stratus Admissions Counseling today announced its name change from Stratus Prep to Stratus Admissions Counseling to more accurately reflect the company’s team-based focus on MBA, law and graduate school placement. Stratus is a team of experienced and dedicated admissions counselors utilizing Stratus’ comprehensive, multi-step process to position applicants for admissions success.